List down your three worst fears and look beyond to all that is so good


“The best way to get over the worst is to think about them. Yes, think about the three worst things that can happen to you, only then can you realize that everything else in life is good or can be made better, and you can proceed on your path towards success.”

– Sachin Mittal

Success – How many times does it really come in your life?

I believe human beings always experience success twice in his/her lifetime. The real, true success – that all-engulfing feeling of fulfillment, achievement and self-satisfaction…the frequency of that exact feeling comes only twice. First, when he ‘dreams’ of being successful and next when he actually achieves it.

Success – The two kinds

Remember those days when you closed your eyes and thought about what you would become in life? Or day dreamt about being that successful doctor, manager, actor or an Air force pilot? You actually ‘saw’ yourself and ‘lived’ being that profile, right? You saw yourself in that three piece suit getting out of an expensive car, walking down the corridor of that glass building, with people all around looking at you in awe, with respect and fear? You ‘felt’ success then alright. And like everyone else, that was your first time. The second time is when you actually achieve success in your life. It may or may not be the way in which you had visualized yourself, but it’s your second and ‘real’ experience of success.

What about failures?

Well what about it? Nobody really bothers about the evil twin, do they? Have you ever sat down and day dreamt about yourself being a failure? No, of course not. Who wants to sit down and visualize failure and bring in negativity in his/her life?

However, I beg to differ here. I feel, like success, failure also comes twice in life. One when you think about it and next when it actually happens. But the crucial point here is – when and why would people think about failing? What purpose would it serve?

The ‘Three worst things’ formula for success

Well I have always believed, practiced and preached about my ‘three worst things’ principal in life. Let me explain…What are those three worst things that can happen to you in your life? For me, the three worst things that could possible happen in my life are:

  1. If I suffer an accident or get some terrible terminal disease
  2. If I knowingly or unknowingly end up doing something wrong and go behind the bars, destroying my own and my family’s social reputation
  3. If I die

Think about it, can there be anything worse than the above three? Perhaps not. And this is precisely why it helps you when you think about it. You see, thinking about the worst is what creates that fear, that anxiety in your subconscious. The fear for the worst. But once you have thought about it, the worst is over. It’s not in your hands now. There can be only good things beyond that!

Past the worst, towards the bright future ahead

Thinking about the three worst things basically makes your mind realize that apart from these three everything else is good and the path beyond is beautiful and bright! It’s undoubtedly the easiest and best positive thinking approach to life!

So what are you waiting for? List down your three worst things, think about them, accept them, and finally look beyond to a life where everything is good. A life where there is no fear and you are free to march ahead towards that success you have always been dreaming about! Best of luck!