If the individual is cheap, getting rich won’t matter


Today if you look around, everyone is in a race to get ahead of the other.  Everyone is hell bent on achieving success either by hook or by crook. However, many times it so happens that it not by hook but by crook people try to snatch somebody else’s deserved success and tries to make it their own. While this may make you a successful person in the world’s eyes, deep down in your subconscious you will also realize it for yourself that what you did was not right. This blog will help you to understand the importance of values and principles even in today’s fiercely competitive world.

Values, Principles etc and their importance

Each one of us is brought up with certain set of fixed principles and beliefs which are instilled in us by our parents, siblings, teachers and the other elders in our family. These are the principles with which we have grown up and become the person that we are today. It is a part of our identity. However, with time and as we start experiencing the outside world, we come in contact with so many people. While some are good, some are not that good. Being in the company of such people also has an effect on our thinking and overall perceptions and this may change us, either for good or for the worse.

Understanding the correct importance of money

In today’s materialistic world, no one can deny the importance money holds in our life. Everything that we do today requires us to spend money. So money is important. But at the same time we also need to draw the line and not give money undue importance as this will make us only more and more materialistic which is not good. As they say, “excess of everything is bad”, in the same way give excess importance to money is also not a positive thing and we need to apply some control on it.

Turning your focus

Now that we have accepted that money is necessary for our survival, we should also focus on the other equally important things which are part of our personality. This includes our values and principles. With the passage of time, our thoughts, views, opinions etc, should develop and become broader in nature. This means that we should inculcate such values which will help us in becoming good and responsible individuals. Some of the things we should inculcate are, to let go of things which hurt us, to forgive and forget, to become more broad minded in our approach towards everything, be grateful to people who have helped you in your trying times etc. This will make you a better person.

Find the relevance

The link between money and values is a direct one. As you start becoming richer, your thinking as well as your entire value system should become broader. Start becoming generous in your views and opinions. It will be of no use driving a posh car, or staying in an upscale apartment if your views and thinking is small.  This is because with such thinking, people around you will soon begin keeping distance from you and will also try to avoid you. Hence, it is of utmost importance that you change with the changing times so that people not only be in awe of you, but will also start respecting you for the person you are. So try to be a bigger person in order to achieve better things in life.