Changing economic times mean a lot of change for everything finance related, especially investments. Even though we like to believe that the economy has recovered, there is no guarantee. The ups and downs in the stock market, as well as the connectedness of the world’s economy have resulted in one big global economy. The effect of a labor strike in China has effects on the American economy. The slowdown of oil production in the Middle East sees an effect on the Indian economy as well.

These effects have created an economy that connects countries to each other. No country’s economy is stand-alone. Therefore, no one economy can strive harder to become prosperous without the support of other economies. In these times of alternating stability and instability, where you put your money is a big question.

The less complicated, the better

 Simple, effective strategies work best when working with money. Investments that are more straightforward are easier to understand. You should always invest in things that you understand, for your advantage. Whatever the state of the economy, your commitment to creating wealth must not change. As long as you keep saving, you are on the right track. Understand what you are investing in before making the commitment. The less complicated the scheme, the more you can understand and the easier it will be to invest.

Precious investments

While making an investment, one does not quiet consider precious metals. Money is paper and metal currency. It holds value because the government makes it so. Gold and silver are great ways to make investments and hold your money. Rates in a savings account may go up or down, the stock market may crash anytime. However, precious metals, as everyone has seen over time, are likely to appreciate in value. Do not put your money only in gold or in silver, but make multiple investments based on the current value and your financial position.

The hand of government

 Let’s say a country is facing a financial crisis; it is likely to shut down banks, or repossess the money in banks. Your savings might be in the bank, and during these times, if a bank is closed down, your money will be either confiscated or take a long time to be returned  to you. Your financial independence depends on what you do with your residual income. You should definitely become familiar with the current economic situation as well as all the options available to you before putting your money anywhere.

Investments in the current economy might seem all the more risky. But rather than keeping your money at home, sitting in your cupboard, it is wiser to invest it somewhere. You should be aware of how markets work, and what risks you might face. Have a back up plan and diversify all your investments to ensure minimal loss just in case of an economic downturn. Warren Buffet has laid down the basic rules of making wealth. Number 1 is to never lose money, and number 2 is to always follow rule number 1. Therefore, to build wealth, stay focused and be aware.