It is easy to be oblivious to everything around you. It is also easy to completely ignore someone else’s story. But is that right? A person you might have business dealings with could  have a lot more experience than you in a lot of areas. You should respect that and strive to learn from them.

A lot of youngsters have a brazen attitude towards senior colleagues with more experience. But this same previous generation will teach you life lessons. It is crude and disrespectful when you keep pushing a person over and over again, without respecting their past.

Walk a mile in someone’s shoes

It is easy to listen but hard to have the same experience. The best way to understand someone  is to put yourself in the same position. What would you do if you were in that situation? There’s an investor that you have been hearing about. He or she has taken an initiative to look for entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds and help their dreams become a reality. Before you scoff at their principles, you might want to reconsider. Would you have the courage to seek out such startups and give them your money? Instead of talking about how that investor should help everyone equally, just because your start up didn’t get funded, you should instead hear  them out, and learn from him or her. These life experiences are probably the best teachers.

Do not judge

 Probably the most important aspect is to not judge other people based on the stories you hear. Until you have talked to someone and heard about where they come from, do not dismiss them. A lot of people have had a great deal of different experiences on the way to where they are right now. Good, bad or ugly, each experience has taught them lessons and made them the person they are. Do not undervalue those experiences by passing judgment. They have earned the respect of their peers through their experiences and struggles and it is only right that you give them the same respect too.

Whichever way you see it, you don’t want to push a person past their breaking point. People with a wide array of experiences have learnt so many life lessons that you can only benefit from hearing about each one of them. When you meet such people, give them the respect they deserve. Sit down and talk to them about these experiences. In your journey as an entrepreneur, you will come across many such people. Give them the chance to talk and you will give yourself the chance to learn.