When you use the word retirement, what is the one thing which immediately strikes you? That you have completed with a good amount of work years which have  paid you sufficient rewards and now you are free to lead a relaxed life with your near and dear one which you may have missed out due to work pressures.

However, with the changing times, even the definition and understanding of the term ‘retirement’ has undergone a huge transformation. This blog will help us uncover that transformed meaning of retirement.

Changing perceptions about age

Earlier there was a conception that the age of late forties or fifties was one which was understood to be a signal that now things should be taken easily and more emphasis should be laid on a person’s health. However, today, many people particularly between the said age groups are trying to defy this notion by enjoying the perfect work-life balance even at the tender age group of 50s and 60s. Thus, in more ways than one the conventional ideas seem to be changing quite rapidly.

Understanding the science behind the longevity

There have been several scientific experiments which have been undertaken by different organizations which aimed to uncover the concept of ‘reverse ageing’. As per the scientists involved in this study, as we age, the wear and tear process of our organs also increases which makes some people vulnerable to certain ailments relating to heart, kidney, lungs etc.

However, owing to the advanced medicines which are now easily available in the market, the aging process anyway gets delayed thereby enabling people more years of work life. Besides this, the other scientific advancements like storing the stem cells of a person or even gene editing which is nothing but genetic engineering  of an organism have also been instrumental in delaying the ageing process even further.

The idea of retiring at 60 or 58 or in some cases even earlier than that is soon dying because of the age old principle that “if you love what you do, then it’s no longer a job”. Hence, people today often catch up jobs which are also their passion or something for which they had an inherent interest for since that makes them enthusiastic about working even after the normal retirement age.

That which makes them passionate

So it is very important that people unleash the key of what is it that makes them passionate about and follow that with all dedication. So finding a job which means more than just enabling you to clearing your monthly sundry bills is something which you should look out for in case you plan to postpone your own retirement. In fact, you can sacrifice the fat pay checks which you may be getting in your heyday  and opt for a decent regular income if you really want to enjoy a long professional career.

Thus, if you see, the benefits of having a long work life are many. It will keep you mentally as well as physically alert. You will not be financially dependent on anyone, and you will get the opportunity of doing something which you’ve always been passionate about and so on. So, for a healthy and long life ahead, keep working till your last breath!