“To change your life you need to change your priorities”                            ~ Anonymous

Life is an ever-changing entity. It twists and turns in different directions and finds a new path, a new challenge, a new task. With this comes a change in priorities which in turn impacts our way of doing things. And we find new dreams, new goals and our life changes and moves forward. As they say – change is the only constant in life.

As in our personal life so also in the big wide world of business.  No company can afford to sit quiet and wait for profits to flow in. They need to move along the path of growth. And as they grow from fledgling businesses to large behemoths, their goals and priorities have to undergo modification and adjust to the altered world scenario. Only then can they stay ahead of competition and add to their coffers. But they need to keep in mind that the race is always to the swiftest, not to the biggest.

New opportunities in its wake

Change in corporate goals and hence in priorities brings new opportunities in its wake. And it is only when we change that we can grow. Thus a shift in goals and priorities provide the spur for growth and business expansion. If exploited correctly, this opportunity can lead to immense gain and benefit for the business.

In today’s world the need for change is uppermost in the thoughts of business leaders. They realize the necessity to alter or at least modify their business priorities in keeping with the shift in corporate focus. While profits and a strong financial position are still  critical requirements, companies now realize the importance of looking beyond money to customer satisfaction. In order to achieve this companies have to perforce rethink current priorities and establish new ones more in keeping with the new objectives of the business.

Today most companies are looking for ways to increase revenue and adapting new business models so they keep shifting their business priorities. To successfully run a business you have to adapt to the latest processes and techniques. This impacts your priorities which have to line up with your revised business strategies.

Customer needs and expectations

Business priorities have been shifting in response to market pressures. Customer needs and expectations change overtime. New customers with new demands enter the market. In keeping with all this, the marketers’ goals also change – they need to adapt to the new customer and the altered demands of the old ones. And for that they have to reconsider their priorities and realign them with their new goals.

Business priorities also change because of technological advances. With the growth of digitalization and access to information, communication priorities shift and influence communication strategy.

Shifting priorities occur in every company, every job. This requires employees who are adaptable and flexible and able to execute and implement the changes required. For this you need employees who are aware, motivated and empathetic. This would require you to change HR priorities and either train old employees or recruit new ones who fit the bill.

Skills and competencies change along with changes in priorities – the role of personnel change.  As companies go global, HR priorities have to be redesigned to allow  for sensitive HR practices in countries other than one’s own.

Innovative ways to build

There has also been a shift in the nature of organizational priorities for analysts. Organizations have to find innovative ways to build in flexibility within their collection and analysis efforts so that new priorities can be addressed on an as-needed basis an increasingly important factor in a resource-constrained context.

The growth in the popularity of social media, has brought about a transformation in communication priorities with the emphasis on communication strategy shifting out of the traditional advertising, PR and customer care channels of print and visual media.

Let me conclude with a famous quotation : It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change. – Charles Darwin