A bad time may bring about the next big idea


Entrepreneurs look for inspiration everywhere. They are forever looking for the next big idea or the next big product, basically their own Facebook or Twitter. But it is not necessary to have the next big tech idea to create a successful startup. Inspiration can be found in a variety of places and an idea will work as long as you are committed to it. Without confidence in your idea, it will never grow into a startup and consequently, a fully grown business.

Inspiration does not have a time

Inspiration is not like a meal. It does not have a set time for striking. You cannot sit down on a table and wait for it to come to you between the hours of 7 am and 9 am. Inspiration will strike at any time, no matter what the situation. And believe it or not, it will strike when you most need it.

A bad situation is not when you don’t have a social media manager or can’t afford an office space. A bad entrepreneurial situation would be one where you do not have funding or a feature in your product isn’t working. But a really bad situation is when you just have no inspiration.

Expand your horizons

When faced with a problem, you might come up with the craziest or the wackiest ideas. Don’t automatically dismiss them. When you are standing at the edge, you might come up with the most innovative ways to save yourself. Those ideas may not come to you in a normal situation, which makes them all the more likely to succeed because of their unusualness.

One problem has multiple solutions, so the first one you come up with is not always the best or the right solution. I am not saying that you should not follow your gut instinct, because an entrepreneur’s gut instinct is like a hidden trick up his sleeve.

Working under pressure

How many of us have started working on a 10 page paper just 12 hours before it is due? How many of us have studied for an exam only the night before? We all work harder and better under pressure. When you are in a bad situation, you think well, you think harder and you push yourself to come up with a solution.

This efficient thinking will definitely give you some good ideas worth pursuing. Pressure situations push people to be better and to do better.  When a person is pushed into a corner, he takes more risks. And as we all know, there are no rewards without risks.

Look for the silver lining

Failure is a great motivator. But we often do not see the power it has to make us do things and fail to harness that energy and motivation to work towards something better. Bad situations or stressful times are unavoidable in any entrepreneur’s journey. But it always has a silver lining, which could just become your next big idea.

Always look for the silver lining, especially when you are in a particularly bad situation, and that will be your ticket to success. While it is easy to sit and lament about a bad situation you are stuck in, it is harder to assess that situation objectively and come up with innovative solutions. The harder path will always lead to success.