Success comes with focusing on big goals (And ignoring smaller things)


Good ideas are abundant. It is the execution of these ideas that is in short supply. Therefore, having an idea is not enough; one has to act on it to make it successful. Focusing  on one goal yields better results than being scatterbrained and focusing on ten things at the same time.

It is not as if some people have the potential and others don’t. Most people have enough potential to be successful but lack the drive to concentrate that potential in one place or on one goal. Too many goals can mean too many priorities and that leads to failure.

Make a list

 List your goals. Having them written down will make a difference. Prioritize your goals or tasks and write them exactly in that order. What needs to be done first goes on top of your task list. You are the best judge to decide which goal is more important. To avoid getting caught up in mundane tasks, a list will come in handy. Set daily goals and make them big goals. No one ever got anywhere by trying to only read one page a day or make one sales pitch a day.

Complimentary goals

 We are not saying you shouldn’t have multiple goals, but you should definitely be able to rank them in order of importance. Sometimes, your goals will complement each other. These complimentary goals should be turned into one big goal that can be accomplished together. Your goal can be to build a successful business and turn your dream into a reality. These can be complimentary goals that you can work on at the same time.

Life and opportunities

Life will give you numerous opportunities. You don’t have to take each one of them. You are an entrepreneur and an actor. With hard work, you are at a point where your start-up is taking off and so is your acting career. You get a call from a casting agent around the same time you are going in for an important funding meeting. It is entirely up to you to decide where to go. But at that point, you are going to have to only pick one opportunity and let the other one go.

 Learn from the best

 What if Bill Gates or Mark Zuckerberg had ten goals to accomplish? Would they have built these empires? Probably not. To be successful take a leaf out of these people’s books to see how they work. Look at that their daily routine and that will give you an idea about how focused they are and how focused you need to be to achieve your goals. They had singular big goals, which is how they became successful.

There are short cuts and then there are actual paths that will take you to success. The actual path will require you to tune out all the chitchat in the background and focus on that one goal that you really want to accomplish. It is essential to surround yourself with like-minded people to inspire you on the path to success. All your other desires, likes, and dislikes, smaller goals and everything else will have to take a backseat when it comes to making a successful life. You either focus on one goal for a big victory, to deal with tiny victories your entire life.