As George Sand once said, “Simplicity is the most difficult thing to secure in this world; it is the last limit of experience and the last effort of genius”.  This is particularly true when a person becomes successful because at that stage complacency, pride and arrogance start finding a place in the person’s attitude. This blog helps in unleashing some of the cons of sudden success.

Achieving the distant dream of success

It is common sense that no one dreams of failure. Everyone sees himself at the peak of success. However, for many it is a long road to success which is often interrupted by failures, disappointments and/or loss of hope. Some people either quit at this stage while some continue working tirelessly till they achieve the ultimate goal.

However, for a handful of them success comes as a sudden wonderful surprise which usually sweeps them off their feet. This newly found success is exhilarating and you are clueless, confused about whether you should shout from the rooftops and tell the world your success story. But there are some things which you need to take a careful note of.

 Birth of arrogance, pride et al

It is a common phenomenon that when a person achieves such sudden success, he tends to become proud and arrogant. Especially if such success has been achieved on his merit, then the level of complacency grows even higher. You will realize that he develops an attitude where he thinks he doesn’t need anyone. He starts distancing himself from people who he thinks are not as successful as he is and starts joining the company of those who are recipients of such sudden success.

Ignorance to good advice

Every person has his set of well wishers who stand by him no matter how good or bad the circumstances may be. However, when success knocks at a person’s door, he makes sure that it is only he who is present to welcome it with open arms. As a result, when well wishers try to give him sound advice on handling business, he tries to shirk them or belittle them thinking that they are probably a set of inferiors who probably can’t tolerate to see you becoming successful and are hence, jealous of your newly found success.

Rise and fall

Even though everyone bows to the rising Sun, even the Sun has to set at some point during the day. However, such successful people often forget this fundamental rule of the world that whatever goes up has to come down. They get the feeling that since they have hit the jackpot whatever they do or plan to do is going to be equally or more successful if not less. They begin to feel as if they are miles away from failure where failure will not be able to even see them.

It is always preferable that a person undergoes or experiences some failures before he achieves his final goal of success. This is because it makes him realize the value of such hard earned success. On the other hand, if a person becomes successful overnight, he tends to become complacent and hence, for such reasons, sudden success is not always a good idea.