Between going for herd mentality and falling out of it


You must have heard about this popular saying that life is what you make it out to be. Though we find this very hard to practice it is so true. We get only one life to live. So instead of always thinking about what people might think or what if you don’t succeed, you should always follow your heart and do what you want to do and achieve the position which you would like to see yourself in. This blog will help in providing an understanding on how to choose between the conventional and unconventional path.

Conventional and unconventional

You must have heard the word conventional quite a few times. What do you mean by that? Conventional is doing or practicing something which has already been in practice. Unconventional, on the other hand, means going or swimming against the tide or doing something which is drastically different from what people normally follow or do. Hence, ultimately you need to decide which one are you, whether you are fine listening and following the world’s footsteps or whether you want to challenge yourself and take some risks in life. It is completely your call.

Subjecting yourself to herd mentality

The herd mentality is the name given to people who blindly follow things and patterns just because people have been doing that. This is a typical herd mentality. Hence, if tomorrow you decide that you want to get into entrepreneurship, there will be people who will advice you not to considering that there is a big risk involved or you will not be able to get a fixed remuneration every month like how you get when you do a job. You can either stick to such a mentality or fall out of it.

Quality ‘you’ time

Find some corner where no one will disturb you and engage in some quality ‘you’ time. Try to ponder and think of what your dreams and aims in life are and whether what you plan to do paves way to achieve it. If you feel that going the conventional path will make you reach your ultimate destination, then opt for that. However, if you feel that in order to achieve your dreams you may have to swim against the tide, then be it. In either of the case, you will then have to start preparing for it accordingly. The only difference is that when you decide to take the unconventional path, you will have to plan everything from scratch as opposed to following the conventional path where everything you know is already laid out for you and you just have to start walking that path.

One question which you should ask yourself is that whether what you intend to or plan to do is what you actually love doing? If the answer to this is ‘yes’, you will be sorted. If the answer is ‘no’, then you will have to understand for yourself what your passion in life is and then chase it accordingly.