Sachin Mittal

Follow up has become an essential part of any business today and is seen as one of the best ways to keep in touch with your audience, thereby helping you in building a strong customer relationship with them. This blogs helps in understanding the various aspects related to this follow up approach. Let us see each one of them in detail:

Way of building trust

If you think that a follow up is just a system to be put place only because your competitors might be doing it, you are wrong! Follow up plays a crucial role in building the feeling of trust in the minds of your targeted customers.

When you follow up either before selling the product or service which you may be offering as well after you have made the sales, it sends a positive signal to your customers. Owing to this pre as well as post sales follow up, your consumers will always feel that they are wanted and in case anything happens to the goods or services availed by them you will be there to take responsibility of it and ensure that there is no inconvenience caused to them. This will go a long way in building trust among them towards your brand or business.

Responsible for creating goodwill

Another probable effect of following up is the creation of goodwill or reputation. While it is quite difficult to define the term goodwill, it would normally mean creating a good image or strong reputation of your business in the eyes of your customers. Following up, thus, is a way of creating a sense of loyalty and attachment of the customers towards your products or services.

Always remember that customers develop a strong bond of association towards the product they use or consume. Many times common consumers buy certain products only for the goodwill that the business or the company must have created in their minds. Hence following up is a good way of ensuring that a strong goodwill is created.

Ties in more sales

Last but certainly not the least, a follow up practice also helps in pitching in more sales, which is the heart and soul of any business. When you adopt strong pre as well as post sales follow up procedures internally, it provides your customers with a mental satisfaction that if anything happens to the product they have purchased from you, they will not be left high and dry but instead you will address their concerns in the most efficient, practical and reasonable manner which is very important in any form or nature of business. Giving a personal touch to your business will always bring in more good luck than bad. It is here that follow up plays a crucial role.

So, to conclude, following up is like playing golf. Just as a golfer needs to hit the ball at regular intervals in order to ensure that it reaches the ultimate destination, in the same way an entrepreneur also needs to follow up with his customers at regular intervals so as to ensure that he does not miss out on any prospective customers. Merely striking once or twice will not serve the purpose.