Sachin Mittal

‘Men vs. women’ has been an age old topic of discussion. While earlier, the role of women was limited only to managing the domestic front, it was the male gender which went out to earn money for the family. However, with the passage of time, this has changed with women becoming more emancipated and financially independent.

Today, women are out there making an indelible mark in every field and this is no different in case of entrepreneurship.

However, when women step into the field of business, they often face criticism. This could put them in a vicious whirlpool of doubt and inhibit them from exploring their entrepreneurial abilities and instincts. However, one thing which many women don’t realize is they are inherently blessed with certain qualities that make them good to go! There is in fact, a lot that female entrepreneurs bring on the table that their male counterparts can learn from.

Being responsible to employees and workers

Women, compared to men are in a better position to understand  the importance of creating a work life balance. Hence, women entrepreneurs offer a more amenable environment to work into their co-workers and employees. This brings in relaxation during the working hours, work from home options, leaves and such other concessions.

Exercising caution and planning strategies

Women naturally are known to be very cautious and rational when it comes to taking any decision- no matter how small that decision may be. They tend to think and over think about a particular issue. Most women take into consideration almost all facets of the subject before arriving at a solution. This is in striking contrast to majority of male entrepreneurs who are known to be innately impulsive in their decision.

It is this quality which women are more or less born with which helps them in chalking out strong strategies for their business. This is one more important quality which men should instill in themselves  so that they also start thinking in a more rational and practical manner.

Masters in fiscal prudence

Oft-celebrated for managing the entire household expenses on a shoe string budget, women are masters in fiscal prudence. They will always keep a close eye on the finances of the business so as to ensure that at all times the business is in a financially safe and sound position.

In any typical business scenario, a company with a strong financial background creates a good image in the minds of all the stakeholders. Moreover, investors are also assured that the capital which they might have invested in such a venture shall yield good and profitable results. Men on the other hand, often take big financial risks which may not always bear positive results. Hence, being financially prudent is another important quality which male entrepreneurs should learn from their female counterparts.

Unfortunately, not many women long for setting up empires. All they aspire to do or achieve is to be able to become their own boss and make the same amount of profits which they would have anyway received had they been working under someone. Once they are empowered and encouraged enough to think big, they can definitely make an alpha female ready to take on the next big thing in the business world. Men, better watch out!