Establishing your business and creating a mark for yourself is by no means a cakewalk. It is a constant struggle until you finally reach there. The struggle still continues because once you have created a mark for yourself, you become all the more responsible and answerable to the people around you. There are no just one or two, but tens, hundreds and sometimes even thousands of people who swear by your brand. Hence it is very important for any entrepreneur to always take care of their brand loyalists. This blog provides some ways and means by which you can take care of your brand followers.

Track your brand loyalists

You can call them with whatever name you want advocates, followers, brand loyalists etc. The first thing you need to do is to identify and create your set of brand loyalists. While you may be extra optimistic of wanting to turn almost every person you meet as your brand follower, but let’s be practical. You will not be able to turn each and every single individual into becoming your loyalist. There will be some who might just drop in to see your brand and eventually walk off never to return back while some will come once, buy something and then probably never come back ever.

Only a few of these will not just buy something once but will keep coming over and over again. This small group of customers can become your advocates. They will still be potential advocates because they are yet to develop affinity towards your brand.

Offer them the best services

One of the most effective ways and means to create your bank of advocates is to probably ask them for a rating feedback like on a scale of one to ten, one being the lowest how much would you rate us? This will give a brief idea of the number of people who can come back to your brand.

In your initial setting up days, it is very important that you build personal relations with your customers. You can do this by giving your customers the best possible after sales service as that will make them feel that they are wanted and cared for and will be one of the major reasons for them to keep coming back to your brand. You can also take an honest feedback on your after sales services just to get an idea of how your customers perceive your after sales services and if there is any scope for further improvement.

Give a personal touch

Any brand aiming to make it big can do so if the entrepreneur adds a bit of personal touch to it. So initially when the customers are just about a handful, you can make efforts to remember them by their first names as this will go a long way in developing strong customer relationship. Your customers will also be positively influenced with your personalized touch and will keep coming back to you.

You can also take down their other contact details like address and/or email address along with birthdays or anniversaries on which you may send across your wishes to them. However, be careful on not overdoing this as it might also result in pissing off your customers making them feel like never coming back.

All these are small tricks of the trade which if you follow as part of your routine business practices will assure you in creating your set of brand advocates who are worth a fortune for any budding entrepreneur!