To double your net worth, double your self-worth


When you start your new venture, there are so many things which you need to take care of. Right from coming up with a potentially strong and viable business idea to deciding a name for your business to actually setting up the business, there are infinite number small and major things which one needs to think about.

While all these are the infrastructure or logistics based requirements, there also remain some other equally or more important things which are needed to run a successful business.  These are nothing but the principles or values on the foundation of which will the business grow and flourish.

What does self worth really mean?

While it is not an easy task to define what self worth really means, however, broadly speaking self esteem or self worth really means how you value yourself. In order to achieve overall development for our lives it becomes a prerequisite that we start valuing ourselves for the people we are, the challenges we have faced and the achievements and accomplishments which we may have received till date. All these factors contribute to building the person we are as on date. This feeling of realizing your self esteem emerges from three fundamental principles which are:

  • Believing you can do it;
  • Believing you deserve it; and
  • Believing you will get it

Once these three principles firmly set their base in your mind, there is nothing which can go wrong in your business.

Ways to create or build your own self esteem

Self esteem or self worth is not something which all of us are naturally born with. Some people need to develop that quality, especially if he or she plans to enter the business domain. Some of the common ways which may help you in developing your self esteem are:

Your way of speaking:  The way you speak and what you speak is of key importance. If you speak negatively and in a cribbing mode, then such tone is not going to help you in building your self esteem. Also cut down on the usage of negative words like ‘difficult’ or ‘impossible’.

Make notes: Take a notepad and call it your ‘Gratitude book’. Write about all good things which are part of your life. This will help you in not thinking and/or regretting about the things you never had and will help in improving your self esteem.

Take a good look at yourself in the mirror: Spend some time in front of the mirror and just take a close look at yourself. Observe yourself from top to bottom and try to remember how you have come so far and what all you have achieved. This will give an immense boost to your self esteem.

Importance of self worth in business

Self worth is nothing but the inner belief that you deserve that nothing stops you and that nothing is impossible for you. In the field of business, this factor is of utmost importance because till the time you don’t believe in yourself, nobody will believe you. Hence, you need to believe that you will and you are more than capable of achieving your dreams and changing them into reality. It is only when you realize your self worth will the world take cognizance of you and take you seriously and only then will your business be able to grow and flourish.