You don’t have to build rapport or make small talks to build trust


You may have heard many of your mentors telling you that if you want to get into the field of business and make it big, you must go out and start talking to people. Talking or interacting with your prospective stakeholders will not just help you in creating a good bank of prospective customers but will also prove to be rewarding for you since only then will people start instilling their trust in you.

While this may be true to some extent, it is, however, not completely true. Merely indulging in sweet talks will not make people trust your business. There are some important reasons for this. This blog will help in bringing out some of the reasons for the same.

Exploring the hidden meaning of trust

We use the word ‘trust’ almost on a daily basis. However, the word trust is not as clearly defined as it sounds or appears to be. It has multiple layers and depth in it. Trust is basically the implicit belief which we have towards a person or thing due to the promises which that person or thing makes to us. And this promise is not something which is a few days old.

This trust dates back to several months and in some cases even years. Hence, when you speak about trust, particularly in business, be aware that it is not something superficial but has a lot of depth attached to it.

Understanding today’s consumers

Consumers today are very different from what they were previously. Since these days they are exposed to a wider and broader range of products, they have lot of options to choose from. So if they are not satisfied with a particular thing, they always have the option of turning towards the competing products which are equally vying for their attention.

Thus, today’s consumers are sharp and are not ready to compromise on their needs, especially when they are ready to pay the price for it.

Modern approach on business

You must have had memories of you going to your usual grocery vendor to buy something. Many a times it would so happen that the product which you have been looking for was not there with him However, since your family were his regular customers, he used to casually slip in an alternate product available at his disposal and sweetly tell you to buy that.

However, during those days sweet talk worked to lure your customers in making them change their preferences. However, today, this type of sweet talk will not take an entrepreneur far beyond a point. This is because customers today are in no mood to take ‘no’ for an answer. Hence, the old sweet talk charm does not exist as on date.

Do your business

As stated earlier, sweet talks no longer help in bringing new customers or even in retaining the existing ones. What helps is the way you manage and handle your customers, the added services or facilities which you can provide them with, if you are into product development and selling then the return policies which you have, your ability to fix the problem of the customers and so on. The list is endless.

So today if you want to do any business, then always remember that instead of merely focusing on numbers in the form of sales and targets, the way you treat your existing customers and what more you have to offer them is something which will take you a long way in building the trust between you and your customers. This will go a longer way than merely striking a conversation with them!