Have a plan to make people around you feel awesome


When you start your venture whether big or small, you are not the only one involved in taking care of it. There are other supporting hands also. These may include your directors or partners or promoters, employees or staff, your vendors or suppliers, your clients and so on.

Everyone has a stake and contributes in his or her own way in your business. Hence, it becomes very important for any entrepreneur to value each and every person who is working with him. This blog focuses mainly on the people aspect involved in any business and the ways of keeping them happy keeping in mind the best interest of your business.

 Know people more closely

As an employer or entrepreneur you may have to remember so many things. So many a times it may so happen that you either completely forget the names of some of the people involved in your business or you may refer to them by their surnames. This may come across as if you are acting indifferently or that you simply don’t care! Instead try to remember every person by his or her first name. Even while communicating with them whether formally or informally, always use their names. This will make them feel wanted and cared for by you. Also when you talk to them make sure that you constantly keep eye contact with them. This will send out strong positive vibes.

Spending quality time with those around you

Very often in the rush of completing stressful targets and demanding deadlines we forget  to spend some time with those working with or for us. As leaders you may have often expected your employees and such other people to spend  long hours at work, but very rarely you must have realized the equally important need to spend some quality time outside work with them. But you should always try it.

Once the work load comes down, even if slightly, take some time off with all these people. Not only will this help them overcome the work stress which they must have faced but will also help them in increasing their productivity at work which ultimately will improve your business.

Be their junior

Yes, you are the boss! Everybody should listen to you and take your orders instead of doing the other way around. But at the end of the day, every one is human and has his set of strengths and weaknesses. If you feel that there is one quality which your employees or staff is good at, and if it is really good for your business, then you should learn that from them. It shouldn’t matter that you are his or her superior at work. Just gulp your ego down and ask them to teach you. This will go a long way in motivating them and making them feel good about themselves.

Now that you have learnt these small tricks to make people around you happy, just try and see what wonders these do for you and your business!