If you think that business can be learnt only by attending the top notch business schools by paying a large chunk of your parents’ money, you are wrong! There are some basic principles in business which you can in fact  learn from what your mother has all along being telling you!

The fact that she has seen more of the world than you makes her wiser and more prudent in more ways than you want to give credit. This is one of the chief reasons why you can learn some business fundamentals from her, apart from relying on any professor or book to teach you the same. This blog will help in guiding us on some of the things which will help you in your business and about which your mother seems to have got a firsthand experience of.

The area of business is characterized by lot of sudden shocks and surprises. While you may plan something, it may not be necessary that anything and everything will turn out to be in your favor. However, in such situations, instead of complaining about the things not working in your favor, be brave and face the situation with an alternate plan. Crying or mulling over such sudden changes will not turn them out into anything better, so why complain? Instead focus on how you can make things work in your favour instead! Fall back on what mother would have told you in your growing years.

Save a penny for the rainy day

Many will agree with us when we tell  that this is by far the most common piece of advice which mothers give their children. You never know how tomorrow is going to be and what it is going to bring. Business is one such area where you have to maintain a fixed cash flow. Hence, in order to avoid any financial shocks and stress, it is always a good idea to be prepared with reserves of sufficient amount of funds.

Life is not always going to be fair

With some long yet crucial years of experience your mother must have had of handling or dealing with things, she will always tell you that life which you hear about read in fairytales is not something which you should believe. There is never a ‘once upon a time.. and happily ever after’ in real life.

Real, practical life has lot of ups and downs, disappointments, pressures, stress etc. Similarly, you may be hopeful  but you may not always be able to hit the jackpot. There are going to be days which will just not work in your favour while some will. So you should always understand this simple fact that life will not always be a bed of roses, but will instead at times also be a bed of thorns.

Learn to learn

One of the most important things which help human beings in growing and progressing in life is when we adopt a student approach towards life. Till the time you consider yourself a student, you will keep learning all through. However, the minute you say that you know everything, your growth, both in business as well as in your personal life will come to a halt and this may not be good for your business.  After all, practice makes a man perfect. So keep learning and keep growing!

Don’t blindly ape anyone

You must have come in contact with different people who must have given you ten different pieces of advice. However, your mother would have always told  you to not just blindly follow someone and instead do what your heart or your gut feeling tells you to do. Just because something must have worked for someone, it does not mean that it will work for you as well and vice versa. Hence, instead of following someone else’s already walked upon path, why not create your own path and walk on it, right?