Overthinking can lead to overkill


What makes us humans different and unique is our thinking and rationalizing abilities. We can judge and predict what may lie in store for us in the future based on which we can take necessary steps. Especially if you are an entrepreneur then you are supposed to always think from all possible perspectives. This often leads to overthinking.

However, as we say, excess of everything is bad, and excessive thinking also in a way is not good for both, our health as well as our business, and can do more harm than good.  This blog aims to guide and provide you with insights on how can stop your mind from overthinking and learn to just go with the flow

Be flexible and adaptable in your decisions

Every one of us strives to attain perfection and this is no different in case of entrepreneurs as well. However, it is neither feasible nor possible that you will always hit the jackpot. There are going to be chances where your judgments or predictions or speculations may end up being wrong. More than that, business is such that you can never predict what is going to happen tomorrow.

Hence, instead of focusing on taking the ‘perfect’ decision, emphasis should be on taking or adapting to a flexible approach. Such approach will help you overcome and change your decisions in case of any sudden change in the environment.

Be prepared to face failures

Every entrepreneur wants to be Bill Gates or Marc Zuckerberg. Nobody wants to be known as a flop or an unsuccessful entrepreneur. But failure is part of business. Hence, every entrepreneur must always be prepared to embrace failure and take it in his stride in the same way as he would embrace success.

If you are not mentally prepared to face failure then that will result in over thinking and which may lead to you taking an irrational decision. Once you accept failure or are at least open to the idea of something going wrong, you will be mentally relieved of all the anxiety and stress.

Do what you feel is right

Sometimes if not always it is a good idea to go with your instincts. Who knows that may help you in taking the right decision. So whatever instincts may tell you, whether it be tossing a coin or listening to you inner voice, just follow your inner gut instincts and take a call.

Thus, over thinking or procrastinating on any decision is not always the right thing to do. While some major decisions require lot of deep thinking, not all decisions require that level of thought. When we over think, we tend to think about all things or situations which may not even be existing at that point in time and which may also result in you taking an inappropriate decision or making an incorrect move. Hence, just hope for the best but always be prepared for the worst as you don’t know what lies in store for you!