Cats are practical creatures and can teach you a lot about life in general and about running a business in particular. They teach you that you set your own boundaries, that obstacles and setbacks do not define you and that you are in control of your life and your goals. So here are the things you, as an entrepreneur, can learn from cats.

  1. Be an independent thinker. Cats do their own thing. They are least bothered about what others think or feel. They are fiercely independent and have a strong attitude towards everything. They do only what they want to. So develop an attitude and mind of your own.
  2. Take short breaks. This will recharge your batteries and enable you to carry on what you are doing in an easy manner. Cats take short naps to regain their energy too.
  3. Plan your strategy carefully and strike when the time is right. If you observe a cat you will see it stalking and hunting its prey slowly and patiently; then it pounces when the timing is right, not a second earlier or later. Do the same in your business – take time to check out your customers thoroughly and then close in to clinch the deal when all the factors are propitious for you. Do not be too early and don’t wait till the moment passes.
  4. Balance your work with a fair amount of relaxation and free time just like the cat spends time playing around or relaxing doing nothing. Don’t let work eat up your entire life – leave some time for the fun things too.
  5. Be curious and look for opportunities for new business, new customers. The cat prowls around in nooks and crannies looking for things. Do the same. Explore and find opportunities others don’t even think of. Use unconventional means to discover hidden breaks – you might end up finding promising business prospects.
  6. Be fearless, don’t be afraid to investigate new openings. Cats gauge the distance they want to cross and then jump confidently and reach their goal. Similarly, examine details and then take the final decision with total faith in your abilities. Don’t get distracted by fear. And if you don’t succeed the first time round, attempt it another time with greater self assurance.
  7. Prioritise what is important in your business just as the cat prioritises what it wants and does not allow anybody to mess with it at will. At feed time, the cat will ignore you and not allow you to pet it or play with it because it is concentrating on eating just then.
  8. Don’t get distracted by small unimportant issues. The cat does not respond every time you call it if it is more focused on doing something else.
  9. Don’t put up with what you feel uncomfortable about. Cats walk away or smack your hand away if you pester them when they are relaxing. You should not be okay with what makes you unhappy. Take steps to correct the situation.
  10. Don’t trust everyone at first sight. Suss them out and trust them only if they prove themselves just as cats take time to make friends with you; they don’t trust you as soon as they meet you.
  11. Set high standards for yourself and your business. Make your business a priority. Cats behave like royalty – they are the most important being in their life and they insist on being treated as such. Similarly look upon your business as the most important thing in your life too.
  12. Focus on what you want – be relentless about it. Cats keep bugging you till you give them what they want when they want it – a good lesson to pick up.