No matter what you do, people are bound to talk negatively about you


It is a popular saying that everything is everybody’s business. This is more true in the present scenario where every small little thing becomes a subject of discussion, debate and gossip. The worst part is that it is usually the negative things which spread  quickly rather than the good things and people talk more negatively  than positively about you.

At times, this begins to have an effect on us. Especially when you are a new in the field of business and you hear people talking negatively about you or your business, it is bound to affect you negatively. But as you become more seasoned and experienced, you learn to handle all the criticism. This blog will provide you some guidance on how to react when people talk negatively about you.

Try to decide what is real and what is unreal

There cannot be a situation where if you have 100 customers, all are going to be happy at the same time. Due to the innate differences in individuals, there are bound to be some complaints, some shortcomings etc. Also, there are customers who in spite of you providing them with the best quality products and services will still desire for ‘something more’.

Hence, be realistic in your approach and accept that you cannot please anyone and everyone all the times. Learn to filter the real feedback from the unreal feedback and just move on.

Decide your response, if any

Initially if you are not used to listening to people talking behind your back, situation may get slightly awkward for you, especially if you hear negative things doing the rounds which you know may not hold even the slightest amount of truth. You may feel like shouting from the rooftops in order to clarify your stand.

However, as you mature in the field of business, you will realize that more often than not, it is better to not say anything at all as there is a strong possibility that what you say may also be taken negatively. So the best thing would to be to stay calm and focus on your work and work even harder than before and let your work speak for you.

Focus on turning negative into positive

Last but certainly not the least, instead of crying, dwelling over all the negatives you may have heard about yourself, start working on how you can turn these negatives  into positive. Learn to learn from your shortcomings in such a manner that they turn out to be your strength. Make a conscious effort to ensure that the negative talks don’t get repeated the next time.

The bottom line is that no matter what you say, no matter what you do, people are bound to talk negatively about you. However, the choice is yours. You should decide what you want to do, crib over the ten negatives which people must have spoken about you or to rise above this level by continuously working hard and striving to do better. Lastly, always remember that you cannot as well as will never be able to please anyone and everyone. So just keep calm and work towards your aim and eventually everything will fall into place.