You don’t have to work 24/7 to run a successful business


Everybody seems to think that you need to work round the clock if you are running your business and want to make a success of it. There are many companies that believe that you need to create a culture where it is necessary to work 24/7 to prove your worth and your commitment to the company. It is this which will help the company reach its goals and make profits.

But I do not agree with this philosophy. I think it is self-destructive and exhausting to work all the time – it is harmful for oneself and also for the business. As an entrepreneur, you need to have big dreams and fixed targets – you need to work hard to achieve both these ends. But you need to balance your professional life with your personal life – sacrificing one for the other doesn’t allow you to win at either. Entrepreneurship is very hard work but it has to be enjoyable in order to be sustainable.

Not something to be proud of

Working all hours is not something to be proud of, even though we Indians make a great deal out of it. We have to take time out for our family, our interests and ourselves so that we can recharge our energies to tackle the work front effectively. Working overtime just drains us of our energy and we are left too exhausted to pay attention to more work.

We all need sleep and rest and relaxation in order to be productive. Cutting down on our sleep decreases our overall productivity, creativity, judgment and efficiency. And the harder we work, lower are the returns from our efforts.

On call all the time

With the increase in connectivity in today’s world, we are on call all the time – the line between personal and professional has got blurred – office eats into family life – hence the family suffers and it creates an unhappy atmosphere at home.

This in turn has a negative effect on work and productivity. Concentrating on work 365 days a year does not help family and neglecting family does not increase efficiency. Disappointment in the family over missed time together leads to bitterness and discontentment and this creeps into work life too.

Repairing burnt out tissues

Customers are of prime importance so you need to serve them at peak efficiency not when sleep deprived, emotionally depleted and drained of energy. You have to spend time repairing your burnt out tissues, you have to fix work hours- working overtime shows lack of efficiency, it is not a sign of a good entrepreneur. If you work yourself to the bone day after day without any break, you will fall ill and become unhealthy, and that’s going to affect your overall progress towards success.

You don’t have to work 24/7 to run a successful business. While you will need to work hard, and there will definitely be periods of intense work in order to be a successful businessman and entrepreneur in the long term, you have to balance that with rest, relaxation, good food, exercise and a fair amount of fun and enjoyment.