I’m a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work the more I have of it.” – Thomas Jefferson

According to the dictionary, luck is ‘believing that whatever happens, either good or bad, to a person in the course of events is due to chance, fate or fortune.’ However experience has taught me that this is not strictly true.

Luck is a random occurrence. It can strike any of us at different points in our life, but it is not planned. Luck happens when it is meant to happen. We cannot hurry it or force it to occur. So waiting for luck to help us is not a very wise thing to do. Whether it is a question of running a business or something else, while luck is all very well, we need to help luck a bit by putting in some effort and improving our chances of success.

Luck by itself does not go too far

In my life I have seen that just luck by itself does not go too far. We have to work hard to give luck the opportunity to serve us in a positive manner. In business, we have to set our goals and then work towards achieving our objectives. We need to take chances, exploit hidden opportunities, and then move forward.

We succeed in our business and make money/profits through this route. If we sit and do nothing and keep depending on luck to make money in our business, we are going to be highly disappointed. As we wait for luck or chance or fate to step in and save our business, we lose the opportunities that exist in front of our eyes to actually do something concrete to strengthen the financial position of the business.

By the time we realize that luck is not working in our favour, we would have run out of all our resources and would be in no position to retrieve our failing business. As luck runs out, our finances also desert us.

Change our way of thinking

The solution to this is to change our way of thinking, to look at thing from a different perspective.

I am not asking you to stop believing in luck. I am asking you to change your definition of luck – it is not only about being in the right place at the right time, but also about keeping your eyes open and being quick to seize every good opportunity that comes your way; and then using intuition and your inborn intelligence to decide which way you should go; and finally having a positive attitude and the determination to work hard in order to go ahead in your business and in your life. This mental attitude can turn bad luck into good luck.

Looking at the world in a new way

Your luck changes just by your looking at the world in a new way. There are myriad opportunities lying in front of us. That is our good luck. How we spot and utilize these opportunities is what makes the luck work for us.

If we say that we are fated to be successful in our business and so we don’t need to do anything but wait for profits to roll in, that is not going to happen that way. When we were young there was a saying that our elders always used to mention – “God helps those who help themselves”. God or luck or fate provides us with the opportunities, but it is we who have to take steps to make the best of these opportunities.

We have to help ourselves only then will luck continue to be on our side and help us make the best of things whether it is growing our business, earning higher revenues, or increasing our net worth.