The importance of learning to say ‘no’

Sachin Mittal
Sachin Mittal

It is in school that we learn the words ‘yes’ and ‘no’.  While these are extremely simple small words in the English language, we often don’t realize the importance they carry in our professional lives. Especially in the entrepreneurial world, where everything revolves around your business acumen and decisions, a simple yes or no usually goes a long way in deciding the fate of your business. Hence, it is extremely vital for every prudent businessman to use his yes and no’s at the correct places.

For those who have just embarked upon the journey of entrepreneurship, it may become slightly tricky for you to blatantly say no to anyone, whether to your employees, staff, vendors and least of all your customers. You don’t want to displease anyone. However, thinking from a practical perspective it is always a good idea to say no at the correct places if you are unsure of what lies ahead of you. This blog provides you with an insight on why it is important for you to learn to say no in business.

Dealing with cribbing clients

You must have experienced some very nagging and constantly crying customers who are difficult to handle. What do you do when such customers make some unreasonable demands  to you? You don’t want to give in to their incessant demands but at the same time you don’t want to lose out on customers at such an initial stage of your business. So how do you deal with such a tricky situation? The answer is with a simple ‘no’.

Draw your boundaries to protect yourself

One of the major reasons why you should say no is to protect yourself and your interest. When you say no, your ‘no’ acts as a boundary or a ceiling limit for people trying to approach you. This ‘no’ is nothing but a defining line of ascertaining what is important to you and also the way people should treat or talk to you. In your professional life, you may have come across situations where just because you did not want to displease anyone, you said yes resulting in you getting overburdened with work. Hence, it is always a good idea to draw your boundaries.

Overcome your inability to say ‘no’ but do this politely

Get it straight. You are not going to get executed for uttering the word ‘no’. So there is absolutely no need for you to get all anxious and worked up. Yes, you will always aim to keep other people’s interest at heart even before yours, but that does not mean that you completely ignore your own interest. For this reason, it sometimes becomes very important to say ‘no’.

Having said so, when you say no make it a point to say it  in the most polite manner possible.

Signs of a good entrepreneur

Especially if your business is in the nascent stage, you will find it quite difficult to say no to your clients. However, when you turn down any opportunity, it actually shows that you are a courageous entrepreneur who will not get scared of saying ‘no’ and people will appreciate you for this quality of yours. However, while doing so you should take care of two things. Firstly, be very polite while saying no and secondly, always be hopeful that a bigger opportunity will knock at your doorstep.