The problem with most people is that they are unable to say “no”, unable to refuse a request that is asked of them, unable to inconvenience others even if it is something that is causing them discomfort.  We are all brought up with the belief that we should always accommodate every wish of every person. It is the “right” and polite thing to do.

So we go out of our way to drop somebody home or we take on somebody else’s work in office because that person has to attend a social function or a business associate wants something in a hurry at 9 at night and cannot wait till the next morning.

Being a good human being

This consideration that we show for others, this helping hand that we extend to others is all part of being a good human being but it can cause serious trouble for us in the workplace because once we start taking on such responsibilities that actually belong to someone else, we get exploited for our niceness – others take advantage of our inability to say no and dump more and more on us without thinking about our convenience at all.

It is high time that we started putting our foot down and saying “no” and refusing to do other people’s work.  Actually if we take a stand and stop others from taking advantage of us, if we think about our interests, we will be in a better and stronger position, professionally.

Start setting limits

People don’t value what is easily available. So if you start setting limits to the time you can allot to others, if you say that you are not free to take on something, then people will value you and your time a lot more.

Do not undersell yourself. Determine how much you are worth and ask for the salary that you feel is in keeping with your worth. Accepting less is an insult to yourself and your abilities. If you don’t value yourself, neither will others.

Say “no” firmly

Say “no” firmly to the assignments that you are not interested in and you will find better jobs coming your way. Accepting work that you don’t enjoy may be a nice thing to do but it does not do anything positive for you.

Once you stop being nice and start saying no more often you will find that you have time on your hands for doing things that you enjoy and can engage with – things that are of value to you.

Firm but fair in your dealings

Set boundaries in your interactions with business associates. Do not be a doormat and let them walk all over you. Do a good job but do not give in to all the demands made of you especially if they are unnecessary – both sides need to be accommodating. You cannot be the only one making all the adjustments. You get more respect if you are firm but fair in your dealings with business associates.

Say no when you need to and you will find yourself getting better control of your life, your profession, your career. Make yourself the priority. Determine your aims and objectives, work towards your goals rather than help others reach theirs and you will attain your desire in far less time.

Take a decision today, stop being “nice”, be good to yourself and you will find success in your professional life.