The productive segment of the world’s working population is getting younger with each passing generation. The millennial generation is all set to take over world business, replacing the older segments of the population and eventually becoming the largest working group in the business environment.

This lot is considerably smarter than the earlier generation – they may not work as many hours but they work in a more efficient, practical and fruitful manner.  They are street smart and find time-saving and efficient ways of doing the same things. As a result they have more time to learn new things and hone their capabilities. They can contribute positively to any organization or group that they join and their skills and talents can bring enormous benefits to those who are intelligent enough to take them on board.

Innovative and creative

Millenials are innovative and creative. They seek new challenges constantly and work on finding new ways to do things or new things to do such that overall competence and efficiency go up. Include them in your team and get them to generate new ideas, new concepts, new techniques   that will benefit your business.

Do not interfere with their work. Do not be constantly guiding and advising them. This makes them resentful and influences their work ethics.  They work best when they work on their own. They enjoy taking on responsibility and challenges – let them do their own thing and you will reap the benefits of their initiative.

Enjoy interacting with people

Millenials love variety – in work, in entertainment, in culture or in points of view. They enjoy interacting with people from different types of backgrounds as it adds to their experience. Where possible create a diverse environment in your enterprise so that these youngsters feel a part of it.

They cannot be separated from their digital devices – they are far more knowledgeable about technology than you can ever hope to be. So let them be your guide and mentor on things technical.

This generation also likes to work with a definite purpose in mind – they focus on and bring fresh eyes on different perspectives. They get bored if made to work without a definite goal in place. Give them a reason to stay by linking their assignments to company targets and mission.

Interest in their welfare

Take an interest in their welfare – help them to grow and develop their skills, ensure that get trained further. Communicate with them and help them solve their problems, personal or professional. Treat them as your own and they will pay back many times more.

Millenials like to know how others view their performance. Give them regular feedback on how they are doing. When they do well praise them, when they falter or under-deliver, guide them, mentor them and help them come back on track. They are always keen to better themselves and appreciate people taking the time to help them improve in their work. And this gets translated into greater bonding with the organization and an increase in creativity and productivity and efficiency.