Why do businesses need emotionally intelligent people?


Emotional intelligence, commonly referred to as EI or EQ, has been defined as “the ability to

  • Recognize, understand and manage our own emotions
  • Recognize, understand and influence the emotions of others

What this effectively means is that we are aware that our emotions influence behavior, that we use these emotions to work on our behalf and we are capable of managing our own and other people’s emotions to control negative emotions and bolster positive ones.

Thus personal characteristics such as self-control, people skills, determination, intuition etc enhance a person’s emotional intelligence.

Employ people who possess high EQ

Having a high EQ is very useful in the work-place, hence it helps to employ people who possess this quality. It is believed that as businesses grow and develop, and technology progresses, emotional intelligence will become increasingly a much in demand factor. People blessed with this ability are team-players – they carry their subordinates with them, they nurture their employees, train and care for them, are adaptable to shifts in business and are able to deal very effectively with any kind of transformation.

In order to recruit the right kind of employees with EQ, businesses need to hunt for people who display some key characteristics:

Need to know themselves

They need to know themselves – i.e. be familiar with their own qualities – strengths as well as weaknesses, ways of dealing with those he interacts with. Such people are open to learning and adapting when the need arises and they are mature enough to handle censure in a positive manner.

Their maturity enables them to stay in control of their feelings and emotions –it is not that they do not let out their emotions, they do – but with discipline, control and moderation.

Their inner strength and determination make them confident, resilient, positive-minded and they handle setbacks with calm and practicality. They are driven by an inner urge to do extremely well. Money, position, status do not have much meaning for them.

Rapport with people anywhere

Emotionally intelligent people have an exceptional understanding of and rapport with people anywhere. As a result they vibe well with others and their compassionate nature makes them willing to help others in any way they can. They build trust and encourage others to bond with one another. They respect people for what they are. They are straightforward and transparent and do not engage in politicking or doing harm to others.

Just as hiring people with a high EQ contributes positively to the company’s bottom line, it also behoves the employer to provide a positively charged and emotionally intelligent environment for employees to work in. Today’s youngsters, unlike their predecessors are not happy with only monetary benefits from a job. They desire and demand a whole host of intangible benefits and perks. They require a working place that is defined by a culture of openness, trust, innovativeness, learning, empathy, encouragement and appreciation. If businesses are to be profitable and successful, it is necessary that they keep these factors in mind when they are scouting around for talented and skilled people to join them.