Whatever doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


We all face problems in life – on the personal front, at work, on the roads, while shopping, everywhere. Some of these problems are small and can be dealt with easily, others require more time, effort, patience and skill to resolve.

When trouble hits you in a big way, you can go under completely. You can die or you can be hurt or damaged in different ways. If you die then your story is over. It is when you survive that you have to decide how to live your life in the “after”.

The fact that you survive a debacle

The very fact that you survive a debacle is an indication of how strong you are. You have come through whereas someone else may not have. That is partly luck but also partly because of you, your efforts, your desire to beat the odds. This very desire to get the better of difficult times and difficult situations is indicative of strength.

When you come through an ordeal, you tend to see the world differently, you are thankful for what you have been given – which is a second chance – and the very realization makes you appreciate what you have now. Many people do not – they complain about how life is unfair and how they have nothing to look forward to, these are life’s losers. They do not know how to rise above these problems and make a positive change in their lives and thus they will never be happy.

People who want to lead full lives

But people who want to lead full lives do not let misfortune get them down. They go through the pain and suffering and emerge stronger than before. Studies have shown that people who go through trauma come out feeling more positive, more charged, more satisfied – they see new possibilities in life and are grateful for having been given another chance. They grow personally in confidence, in positive attitude, in patience, in compassion.

People who go through severe pain and trauma – physical and emotional and psychological – learn to appreciate the little things in life, they learn to deal with pain, hurt, rejection, sadness. They grow stronger from within as they learn how to cope. When they go through misery themselves, they learn to empathise   with others who may be going through troubled times. They learn to reach out and help others when they are down. Sympathy, empathy, compassion – all these qualities make you stronger from inside.

Example to others to follow

There are numerous cases of people suffering severe physical disability who go on to lead lives that are not only normal but which are an example to others to follow. There are people who lose their loved ones and then devote their lives to helping others less fortunate than them. There are victims of abuse who fight their abusers and take up cudgels for other abused people and open the way for them to get justice.

If you allow misfortune to defeat you, you may as well be dead. But if you fight the obstacles in your way you will emerge a stronger, tougher and reliable human being.