Maintaining harmony and peace within the organization is very essential for its growth and sustained success. This is as true in politics as in companies or families. When members fall out with one another, it results in strife and chaos.

In business, members have to work in a team and have to work together for the common good of the organization. They need to put their heads together and see to the success of the project, the company. When members do not work in unity and turn against each other, the welfare of the organization, its goals and objectives are all forgotten – they try to get the better of one another and indulge in an exhibition of one-upmanship.

Panic and demotivation among the employees

When leaders or those in positions of authority do this it results in other members having to choose sides. If such situations are overlooked or neglected, it will cause trouble within the organization. The infighting among the leaders causes panic and demotivation among the employees and will invariably lead to a fall in productivity and consequently in earnings.

So what is the way to avoid such a situation and see that the organization does not suffer?

Need to build a united team of people

The most important thing to be kept in mind is that you need to build a united team of people. A team that will work together under all circumstances towards a common goal.

Decide on your business objectives and fix your priorities. Discuss your company objectives with the team so that all know what they are working towards. Get your people on board so that they are all on the same page as you and know where the company is headed.

Working towards the same common goal

You have to ensure that the team is focused on company goals and aims and that members are not working for their personal interests only. When everybody works towards the same common goal, everybody wins – individuals and the company. Thus it is the responsibility of the leader to not only align individuals to company targets but also to listen to their worries and concerns, take their suggestions and help each to realize his dreams for the organization.

In situations of conflict where members are at each others’ throats – literally and figuratively – the leader needs to get them together and work out their differences. Ignoring clashes and arguments only increases the discord.

See what they wish to achieve

Discuss issues and see what they wish to achieve, for themselves and for the organization. If they are not in agreement with the common vision and objectives, it is time to let such people go. Listen to everybody’s grievances and help them come to an agreement with one another, regardless of the previous clashes. As long as these conflicts end in a positive outcome for the organization, some internal arguments, disagreements, and fracas are good – they encourage thought and clear the mind.

As a leader you need to know your employees well – you need to know whether they are happy or not working for you. If people are dissatisfied chances are that they will perform below par, thus pulling down the productivity of the entire team. In such situations it is better to release that person – he will be happier and the team will work better without one person bringing down their performance.