Setting goals in such a way that your peace is not disturbed


Every entrepreneur wants to succeed in his business. He wants to progress in life. He wants to realize his dreams. The best way to do this is to start by setting goals for himself. This is what my experience has taught me.

You have to set goals and then you have to take the right steps to achieve those goals. Only then do you get success. If you do not have goals then you have no idea where to go or what to do; since you have no goals you do not know what you are meant to achieve. So the first step is to set targets for yourself and your business.

Make your goals achievable

Setting goals begins when you first plan your business – what are the objectives of setting up this business? Make your goals achievable – in other words, see that you can reach your goals. If you set goals that are too difficult, there will be a tendency to give up when you find the going too tough.

The first step therefore is to set the “right goals”. If you know where you are headed, it is possible to win.

I find that it is a lot simpler if I set daily goals. This does not have to be a very ambitious goal. In fact it actually helps if you set an easy goal – then there is no tension or stress of trying to do a lot every day. Yes, your achievements every day may not be very much but you are more at peace.

Don’t set over-ambitious goals

Whenever I have set over-ambitious goals for myself, I found that I was not able to reach the target I had set for myself. So I gave myself more time to do the same thing – I extended the time but the target was unchanged.

By the time I finally achieved my goals, I was totally burnt out. That is when I realized the importance of setting goals that were realistic.

If you set goals that are easy to reach, you will in all probability achieve more than what you had planned to – in other words you will over-deliver.

Reduces your levels of stress

To begin with, setting easily achievable goals reduces your levels of stress and anxiety with respect to attaining them. Secondly when you continuously over-achieve your set targets, it gives you a sense of confidence and belief in your own abilities. When that happens, you are motivated to go a bit further and achieve it more. So at every stage you feel like a winner. And when you feel like a winner, you start performing like one too.

If you know you are winning, enjoy it. If you find that you are not winning, adjust your goals and make them reachable so that you can achieve them easily.

When you achieve your set goals, there is a feeling of satisfaction, of success, of motivation. So get going, set small achievable daily targets, and then over-attain and boost your self-confidence and your business.