If you are serious about becoming an entrepreneur, the best thing to do is to start on that journey right now. Start when the idea is fresh, when you have the enthusiasm and energy to begin something new.

Most people wait for the “right moment”, the “right time”, or the “right day”. But how do you decide what is the right time? There is no fixed formula telling you when you should begin. Just as there is no magic recipe for success.

The right time is now

Th right time is now, so begin right away, as soon as you have made up your mind to do something on your own. You may not get it right the first time round, you may not be able to do all that you want to do, but you have made a start and that is the first step.

If you keep waiting, you will never know when the moment is right, something or the other will always crop up – like a family issue or a crisis of some sort or you may get a job offer that offers you a very tempting deal. When something like this happens, you lose steam in your idea – you want to play safe and not take a risk. As a result you decide not to start a new business or not go ahead with expansion plans or diversification plans in your business – you put it off for a better time and then that better time never arrives.

Strike when the iron is hot

There is a familiar proverb that says “strike when the iron is hot” which in the case of an entrepreneur simply means do things when the idea or plan is fresh and you are all fired up about it. If you let things be, the idea gets diluted and you lose one opportunity.

Great ideas do not happen every day. Some days you have a little idea which sounds good, so act on it – if it works then fine, if it does not it will tell you so and you can change tracks and start something else. But keep doing something regularly, like a routine. Don’t stop just because things are not perfect.

Work to a schedule and when the big idea strikes, take action – don’t neglect the everyday, regular, routine work while you wait for something big to happen.

Do baby steps                                                                                    

If you are serious about doing something, just do it. Do baby steps, start small and when you keep doing this again and again in a regular manner, the big idea will hit you someday and you take it forward. You cannot choose the days when things will be perfect – but waiting and doing nothing till the big day is a waste of time, effort, energy, and talent.

You have to go through the grind of mundane, less than good, ordinary stuff to arrive at your big a-ha moment. The schedule and the routine you have will actually free your mind to think out of the box because if you don’t have a schedule you will keep putting things off and not taking a risk. An entrepreneur cannot play it safe. He cannot wait for inspiration to hit him. Because by the time that happen, his competitors have taken over and gone past him. He has to keep at it to get and stay ahead.