People who become arrogant when the going is good are never successful entrepreneurs


Arrogance is a two-sided sword. To be successful, you must have the arrogance to believe you can do it. But you must also have the humility to be able to put in the required effort to do what is necessary to achieve success. If your arrogance stops you from doing anything, then arrogance becomes the enemy because it does not allow you to work towards your goal.

If you let success go to your head, if you become arrogant because you are successful, then you stop learning, you stop putting in effort and your success goes on a downward spiral. You head towards failure because you think you have become superior to everyone around you.

Values, principles and attitudes

You hear of a lot of people who, after they became successful, abandoned the values, principles and attitudes that made them successful in the first place. They forget the people who helped them on their route to success, they have a more-than-high opinion of themselves and they tend to show-off their abilities. They think they are extra special and this attitude of theirs becomes the barrier to achieving anything more.

The really successful people do not get swollen headed – they are humble about their achievements because they know that they can reach greater heights and they are ready to put in their best efforts to go further. To become and remain a successful entrepreneur, there are a few tips for you that I have learned from my experience. So here goes :

Remember success is not a destination – it is a journey. When you are successful, do not think your work is done – keep going.  You have more to accomplish, more heights to conquer. So do not rest on your current success, it is only one step in your journey of life.

Don’t surround yourself with “yes-men” – when you are successful there will be many people around you who will say and do things to please you, to make you feel important, they feed your ego and this will make you arrogant. You have to guard against that.

Know your limitations, your weaknesses and improve on them. It is human to have weaknesses, to make mistakes – there is nothing wrong in that. What is wrong is if you do not learn from them, if you do not use the experience to better yourself. Never stop learning and never stop growing. You can learn till the day you die.

Listen to people, take advice from people around you – you never know who can be helpful to you. Remember the people who helped you and help them when you are in a position to do so. Never forget your roots, they are what has made you what you are.

Do not show-off – it is ugly and you may be hurting someone by talking about your success when they are not doing so well. Share your success in a positive way – use it to mentor others so that they also become successful.

And finally, I will repeat what I started off with – do not let success make you arrogant. Instead let it teach you humility, let it teach you to learn, let it teach you to be good to others and let it teach you to be a better person and of a better entrepreneur.