The belief that you know everything is dangerous


No matter how much we know, we can always learn something more. There is so much to know in this world, that it is just not possible to know everything. And anyway how can anyone decide when he or she knows everything ?

There is no measure of that.

What I know is that we never stop learning as long as we live. We can learn from reading, from the internet, from people around us, from the media from anywhere and everywhere. And it is only when we believe that we do not know enough, that we are motivated to learn more. The minute we think we know it all, we set ourselves up for a fall. What do you think happens when you think you know everything?

  • You do not listen to anything others say and so you don’t learn from their successes or failures
  • You do not ask for advice nor do you take advice that is given to you because you believe you know more than everyone else
  • You stop asking questions , you have no curiosity about anything so you limit your knowledge
  • You do not try to understand other people’s point of view, you do not even give them a hearing
  • You try to prove that everyone, especially those who have a different point of view, is wrong
  • You talk down to people as you think you know more than everybody
  • You cannot work in a team because you think of yourself as superior and you set yourself up as a leader – you are not a team player
  • You stop wanting to learn because you think you know everything
  • You become arrogant and full of yourself, you do not think before criticizing and denigrating others and this causes you to lose friends and well-wishers

As a result of all these reasons, you stop learning, you stop growing and you do yourself more harm than good. It is not a good position to be in, because you are stagnating, not progressing. You are unable to see the harm you are doing yourself because of your inflated self-image and you have created all the conditions that will pull you down.

It is far more beneficial when you acknowledge your limitations and accept that you do not know everything that you can move ahead. When you have this kind of attitude:

  • You are open to learning from all possible sources. You want to learn and you absorb knowledge easily
  • You are inquisitive, curious, you ask questions and accept advice and information from others.
  • You communicate with people around you – you share knowledge and you take pleasure in working together as a  team
  • You appreciate people – you create bonds and this build and strengths relationships
  • Since you are open to ideas, you get more creative and more productive
  • You look at all sides of an issue before you take a decision – you stop being judgemental and become more considerate of others

It is great when you don’t know everything – you should rejoice because you are free to learn and move ahead in life.