Great men are not born great, they grow great


When you read or listen to the success stories of some of the successful people around you, you must surely be pondering to yourself as to how that person achieved what he has achieved till date. It is not that that person was born with all the virtues which made him the person he or she is today right? Then what is it which makes him so successful? There ought to be something missing in me which is keeping me away from achieving what I had always dreamt of? If all these questions also bothered you or are still bothering you, then there is something which you must know.

Contrary to what you may believe, successful people are not born great. However, there are certain things which they did and which made them great and helped them achieve what they achieved. Let us look at some of the things which distinguish successful people from ordinary people.

They dare to dream

First and foremost, successful people always dreamt of their ultimate goal in life and no matter how unbelievable or impractical it was they still dared to dream. This was their first huge step of achieving success.

They have faith in their dreams

Do you think that when such successful people told people around them about their dreams, they received instant motivation from all? No! Their ideas, plans and dreams were also questioned and challenged at every stage. However, in spite of such prejudice or pessimism, these people continued to have faith in their dreams and continued to work in that direction.

They are focused and positive

The human mind plays a key role. Whatever it decides happens. So if it decides to think positively, we start becoming more optimistic. Our actions become more goal oriented and we become focused on achieving the goal which we have set out for ourselves. This is one of the fundamental things which successful people do. They always think positive. Even in case of adversity, they will not crib and complain about the situation but will think on how to solve or overcome such an adversity and this is what makes them great!

They welcome  risks

Successful people of today were not awarded success on a platter. They underwent lot of sacrifices and risks which made them achieve what they achieved today. Nothing was easy for them either. In this, one major aspect involved taking risks. These people took risks in their business. At times, it worked while other times it failed. But that didn’t deter them from taking more risks and it is this risk taking or risk bearing attitude which has finally yielded them with handsome dividends.

They embraced failure

Successful people did not achieve success overnight.  They must have experienced at least a dozen failures before they accomplished what they had always dreamt of. Although these failures or setbacks worked as minor speed breakers in their road to success, these people never allowed these setbacks to cause any major road block in their way to success. They started looking for alternate routes by which they could achieve their dreams and that’s one of the most important things which made these people great.