Ours is a busy, busy world where we are all rushing to and fro. We spend our time hurrying from one meeting to the other, we are rushing to catch the next bus or taxi, we are trying to push through traffic, we stay up nights to prepare that very important presentation, we are trying not to be late for the PTA meeting at our children’s school, our kids are rushing from one tuition to another, then to play tennis and learn swimming and how to play the violin……it goes on and on.

No respite for anyone

There is no respite for anyone, whatever the age- oh I forget, in between all these we are also receiving and answering our emails, talking to people on the phone, chatting on social media, playing games on our smartphone, or hitting the pub or partying late into the night. It’s tiring even thinking about all that we try to manage in a day. It’s no wonder that we are dog-tired and almost brain-dead by the time our “day’ is over.

Being busy 24×7 is NOT helping us even though we think it is. Research has shown that the traditional 40-hour week has now got extended to nearly 50 hours. But more time does not translate to higher productivity or more efficient working. It makes better sense to work less hours with breaks in between to recharge our energies. Studies have shown that the key to working better is to “work smart”- that is when you are working work with concentration on areas that need your attention.

Time for other pursuits

This is what most successful people do – they are not busy round the clock – in fact they take time for other pursuits too. They do not tire and burn themselves out, they do not over-reach and get thrown out of the race. They spend time doing what they enjoy, other than work. They enjoy their leisure and they sleep a lot more than the busy people – it helps them come back with renewed energy.

Being less busy may actually help you increase your efficiency and productivity. So what do you do instead of poring over work? Go for a walk, listen to music, read, play a board game, join a sports activity, meditate, go for a movie or a concert.

Do not think of work

And when you are doing these, concentrate on these only – do not think of work or try and check your emails or answer a work-related phone-call. Then when you get back to work, you can give your 100% attention to your work and do it in a more focused manner which will result in greater efficiency and productivity. You do quality work which is more satisfying and gets better results.

Say no to what you cannot do – do not take on more than you can handle. Its okay not to be a master of everything. Focus on what is important. Prioritize the different elements of your life – do what you can do but do it not half-heartedly but with full commitment and dedication. Take the rest of the time off and enjoy life doing what you love.