An entrepreneur works hard at founding a business and then building it up. He puts in years and years of his life in doing this. He has to be totally dedicated and committed to his business to make it stand on its own strength. He has to make personal sacrifices to achieve professional success but he does this because he is passionate about his business and he feels motivated to do the best that he can for it.

But one day when he has grown his business and he wants to get out from the running of it, he decides to sell it. It’s a big decision and it always is very draining emotionally to part with something you have built from the ground up. No matter how much you prepare for this day, when it happens, when it is the day that you give your company to somebody else, it is still a difficult thing for you to do.

Different people, different emotions

Different people go through different emotions when this happens. Some feel relieved as if a burden has been lifted from their shoulder. For these people it is a happy experience, almost of liberation. These people can actually go ahead and do something they had planned to do but never had the time to during their working days. They have been waiting for this day and they take advantage of their freedom from business and work and deadlines and meetings and responsibilities to indulge their passions.

Others react differently – they are not willing to cut themselves off totally from the business where they have invested so much time and effort. So what do they do? They find that their lives have become very empty and they want something worthwhile to fill it – so they go back to what they know best – that is to their business. They take up a role where they can still contribute to their business, they become consultants to the business or they join the company in another capacity where they feel involved.

Frustrating to some people

For these people, it may be like that they are going back to their old life – but since they have handed over the business to somebody else – they are no longer the chief honcho. They are no longer the big boss and actually become just another person in the business. This may be frustrating to some people but if that is so then they should opt out of such a role. It is not easy taking orders from someone else in your business.

But if you look at this transition in a more positive manner you may actually feel good and yet lighter about your responsibilities. If your company has been bought over by a bigger corporation, you have a bigger canvass to work on, even if you are no longer the head of operations. If you have responsibility for a part of the business, you can contribute better because you are only concentrating on doing the job allotted to you; you can leave the admin details, fund raising, business strategy, personnel management, salaries to the system – which you would have to do yourself if you were running your own show.

So when you decide to stay on check what the new scene will be like. Verify what your role will be, how much your responsibility will be, where you are the final decision maker etc. If the situation is something you are happy with, then go head. Otherwise branch out into something totally different.