It’s the magic of risking everything for a dream that nobody sees but you


Whatever you do, there are always going to be two kinds of people, one who will speak good things about you and other, who will constantly complain or find something negative and pass unnecessary judgments. And believe me, there are more people in the latter category than in the former. However, the best thing to do is to ignore such people and keep working tirelessly till the time you don’t achieve you ultimate goal in life. This is because the dreams and the goals which you have set for yourself are something which only you will understand and none else. But there are a few things which you should follow and which will go a long way in helping you achieve the dream which you have always dreamt.

Let us try and see what these things are:

 Have clarity in your dreams

The first point to get you started is to have a clear and well defined dream. There is no point in chasing a dream which is half hearted or unclear and hazy. Once you have the final target in mind, only then will you be able to pursue with complete dedication and devotion. The best way is to jot or pen down your dreams on a piece of paper. This will make your ultimate goal more visible.

Know your purpose

Experience can be the best teacher. More often than not the dreams which we see are nothing but a result of the experiences which life gives us. For example, if a person has seen financially challenging times, then he would most probably dream of being a rich person some day. Hence, in this way, every dream has and should have a meaning. Only when there is a strong meaning or purpose attached to it will you be able to follow it wholeheartedly. Keep this purpose always alive at the back of your mind and see the miracles it brings in.

Be in the company of positive people

As they say, ‘A man is known by the company he keeps’. In the same way, be in close proximity of people who have a positive influence in your life. People who can guide you, teach you, motivate you and more importantly, people who have faith in your dreams are the people who will stand by you no matter how hard the situation gets. So stick onto such people.

Overcome your apprehensions

When you dream of something, very often it so happens that the happiness of finding your calling is momentary. Most of your time is occupied with anxiety and apprehensions. ‘What ifs’ or ‘buts’, or cant’ etc have a huge influence in our respective lives. What is this? This is not something which we are naturally born with but something which the society has conditioned our minds with. Hence, it is imperative that we fight against this and substitute such negative words for some positive words like can or will. This will help you in the long run.

Risk it!

Nobody is going to offer your dream on a platter. You will have to work you towards it. Slog, toil and do whatever it takes to get there! This also includes the risks and sacrifices you will have to make while you reach your final destination. So be brave, take risks. These risks will surely pay you handsome dividends in future.

Embrace Failure

Never expect instant success. Instant success may lead to instant failure. You are here to stay and make the most of your time. So be prepared to experience failure. This initial failure will then pave your way to a long lasting success as your will be all the more determined and motivated.

Keep secrets

Last but certainly not the least, what dreams you have for yourself are nobody else’s business. So why waste telling people what your aims and goals are? Many times the dreams which we tell or confide in people around us invite unnecessary negative comments and judgments which you don’t need. Hence, keep your dreams limited only to yourself and at the most to people who are not just close to you but have your interest at heart.