Very often in our daily professional lives we come across people who we feel will do anything to prevent us from being happy and lead a good life. Usually these people are the managers or bosses who we report to and who may have caused us unhappiness by their various acts or deeds. Or it may be the other way round where we as bosses utter harsh words when someone in our team refused or failed to follow our instructions.

But instead of focusing on the negative, we can always change our focus in such a way that we are able to look at the positive. This way we attempt to focus on the positive aspects of the employees in a typical work atmosphere so that they get their desired space which in turn help them in becoming more responsible and professional.

Person’s right to his individual space

Very often as entrepreneurs and employers we forget that every person on this earth is entitled to an intrinsic right to their individual space where they are and in fact, should be allowed to commit mistakes in order that they progress in life. Let’s not forget that as humans, we all are blessed with the ability to think and rationalize our decisions, and since all humans are unique and different in their own way, they are prone to taking different stands and decisions on the same subject matter.

Before you actually proceed to blast some of your employee, just take a minute and think. What if someone had done the same with you when you were learning? Would you become the successful entrepreneur you are today? Absolutely Not! Give a free hand to your employees before firing the gun at them.

Try walking in the other person’s shoes

All of us develop certain sets of beliefs on the basis of the views which we are brought up with as well as from the experiences which life gives us. Hence, it so happens that when we hear or come across any person who gives a view which is contrary to what you believe in, you immediately try to put that person expressing contrasting opinions in a negative light.

Instead of criticizing the employee who has maybe committed any mistake, try to think of it from another perspective. Reason it out with him and try to understand what his logic behind doing such a thing was before you criticize him and reject his idea completely. This will make him feel that his views are at least being heard and considered and will hence, from then onwards, think and come up with different solutions to any business related issue or problem.

Understand the bottom line

The point that we are trying to make here is not that you are wrong or he is right or vice versa but a simple thing that like you, other people including your own employees too, have a mind of their own which they make use of. Don’t try to impose your thinking abilities on them. Instead motivate them, build them so that they get an atmosphere where they will be able to commit mistakes freely without having the fear in their minds that someone out there is ready to crucify them for their mistakes. Only then will they learn, evolve and eventually grow. By constantly judging them, you are just bringing them down by causing harm to their self confidence and self respect.

Guide your employees

As a leader, you are supposed to guide your employees, direct them and motivate them so that they are uplifted in such a way that they become all the more geared to up to give you the desired results and productivity. However, if you constantly try to demean them and bring them down, then there are chances that such an attitude will result in your employees losing their self esteem as a result of which they start contributing in negative way to your business. In extreme cases, they may even quit your job and spread negative image about you to their friends and colleagues. This is not what you want right? So always remember, lift people up instead of bringing them dow