Embrace boredom – it is the path to innovation, exploration and adventure


Sounds contradictory, does it not?  But believe you me, every word I say is true and my experience in life has taken me down paths I would never have travelled had I not been totally and completely bored out of my mind.

Boredom occurs to us on a daily basis. And it forces us to stop and take stock of our lives and engage in activities that will lift the boredom and take us towards something new.

As Bertrand Russel, one of the greatest writers and philosophers the world has ever known, says

A generation that cannot endure boredom will be a nation of little men, of men unduly divorced from the slow process of nature, of men in whom every vital impulse slowly withers as though they were cut flowers in a vase.”

Russell obviously thought that boredom was necessary to live happy productive lives and that those who feared boredom or were uncomfortable with it would not rise to great heights.

In recent years, psychologists and scholars have been studying the concept boredom to see how it affects people and have come up with surprising but interesting findings which corroborate my own experiences of life.

Boredom gives birth to creativity

When you are sitting idle getting bored at a party or a seminar or a lecture, your mind wanders and you start getting creative and imaginative ideas that can lead to new and better ways of doing things. Boredom helps you daydream and daydreaming opens the path to creativity and innovative thinking.

Boredom leads you to question your priorities in life

When you have nothing to do, you often find yourself thinking about what you want out of life. You might decide to drop what you are doing because it is not bringing you happiness or success and instead choose to do something else which is more aligned to your aspirations and which will probably set you on a path that will lead to success. Researchers on the subject say that “boredom increases opportunities to attain social, cognitive, emotional and experiential stimulation that could have been missed”. 

Boredom makes you more observant

Boredom makes you more observant and opens your eyes to things that you may not have seen or noticed before. When you are bored your attention goes all over the place and you suddenly see things that have been in front of you all the time but you have been too busy to notice. It might be a small thing but it may give you the idea for a new product or service.

Helps you go into unchartered waters

Boredom with one’s life has often led explorers to go into unchartered waters and discover new lands. It has led them into adventure and new discoveries.

Open yourself to new ideas

When you are bored, and have nothing to do, you look around for someone to talk to. And you get to meet new people, you talk to them. This way you open yourself to new ideas, you make new contacts, you build new relationships, you lay the foundation for networking and all this helps you when you are trying to succeed in your business.

Do not trash boredom. Accept it and use it to get a new perspective on life, a new way of doing things, that will lead you to success.