In the new era image building is passé, now it is all about making an impact


In business, merely having an idea idea and making it work is not what it is all about. This has to be complemented and supplemented with something more. When experts did their research, they concluded that this ‘something more’ was nothing but ‘an image’ which needs to be created about the business in the minds of the customers. People should have a good, clean and above all a positive and healthy image of your business if you want to survive in the race. While this turned out to be quite true and helped businesses grow, this growth and boom was however short lived.

Soon again the experts went back to explore what more could be done in order that the business blooms to its maximum potential. After digging deeper, they found out that though image was important, it was however, short lived and the business needed something more. This something more this time was ‘impact’. As an entrepreneur, what impact you make on the minds of the people around becomes material for the full fledged growth of your business.

Connecting at a deeper level

When you take charge of the situation, there are so many qualities and characteristics of yours which are put to test. Through these qualities and characteristics, you tend to or can make an impact on the minds of the people who are working under your directions, guidance and supervision.

Even a simple thing like being able to articulately express your ideas with conviction can make a long lasting impact on the minds of the people. Apart from that, through your risk taking and working under challenging situations also your people will be able to connect with you at a deeper level.

Lend out a volunteering hand

It is often said, that people may forget the kind words you spoke about them or the good deeds which you did for them but they will never forget the way you made them feel. Generally speaking, when you volunteer to help someone who is in need or some kind of difficulty, unknowingly you make an impact on that person’s mind and this  stays on him or her for the rest of his of life.

That person shall never forget the deed or the help which you gave him. But in fact, he will always talk to people and share his positive experience which he had because of your help. This will only help in making your impact deeper and stronger.

Be trustworthy and reliable

People often believe and act to appear different from what they are, especially in front of those on whom they want to create an impression. However, this is not the right thing to do. Even when you help someone, make sure that you remain the person you are and stay true to yourself.

When you remain yourself under any and all situations, you come across as more authentic than before. People start respecting and looking up to you which help in creating a powerful image about yourself.

So no matter what you do, the key to making an impact is to ‘be yourself’. Only when you are true to yourself, can you be true to the people on whom you want to make an impact.