Money is no longer the root of all evil


Yes, you heard it right! This indeed is the new age saying. Earlier, money was known to be the root of all evils. Today it is known as the cure for all.

In today’s world, cash is king in many ways. If you have sufficient money, you are welcomed almost anywhere and everywhere, people look up to you and want to mingle and socialize with you. Money can buy almost anything today.  There are banks and credit card companies waiting in queue and offering you customized and personalized services because they know that you earn the big bucks.

Rich people look more handsome or beautiful

Some say that attractive people are likely to be more successful. However, there is a school of thought that says, rich people tend to look more handsome or beautiful.

In fact, how good or bad a person really is is largely attributed to the money which he or she makes for a living. One’s bank balance is a reflection of one’s true worth. This is what many see as the hard truth.

The reason for this is that being rich requires qualities like hard work, positive attitude, gratitude and believing in abundance. These qualities add to one’s charms and make a person look more attractive.

Beauty beyond skin deep

With money, comes in self confidence and self esteem, both of which are liked and appreciated by anyone looking for a spouse or lover. A person with money is likely to be able to do charity. A rich person is up there on the Maslow’s hierarchy, where he is not an opportunist or miser looking to scrounge few bucks here and there. He is at a stage where serving others serves him best.  This kind of persona is seen in many rich people like Bill Gates, Narayan Murthy etc, who attract people irrespective of their looks.

A fool and his money are soon parted

One needs to be smart and righteous to keep his or her wealth. People who are financially stable and sound and at the same time are grounded with their feet firmly on the ground are something which others appreciate and like. People with a sound source of income, along with a strong mind which helps in deciding how to handle their own finances rationally and in a prudent manner, are what make them attractive as life partners.

The Facebook founder wears the same shirt every day. And how much time and money do the urban poor spend on their wardrobe? This difference in attitude is what makes the rich people look attractive which is beyond their physical appearance and ensemble.

However, if you don’t have enough bank balance today and yet have or strive to have the same qualities that these great rich men have, do not fret. Even if you don’t look like a doll or a model, you have high chances of climbing the ladder to success! Just keep taking a step at a time! Keeping yourself neat and tidy won’t hurt on the way!