The age-old myth about money


It goes without saying that technological advancement in the field of media has brought about change in the way we see and understand things and issues globally. Amongst the huge discussions about the financial crisis to the regular updates regarding the value of shares, the complex dynamics of how money works is often left out of discussion. Not just as currency, money had its own evolving journey and in the process human thinking also changed a lot.

The “was” and “is” about Money

Initially, there was no existence of the term or concept of money but rather it was the idea of exchange that was the key to possessing things. Villagers engaged in different professions used to trade things among themselves to possess the things that they needed or desired. A knight one day came along and gave some gold coins saying that rather than exchange use these for trading. And it all started with it, to possess more coins they increased the value of the coins. So many years later, today the act of trading and business is through money. But today the concepts have been revolutionized with the inclusion of the bank and the governments who are the makers of Money.

Media and Money

The major manufacturer of money in today’s world is the institution of banks and they obviously charge an interest for making it. The next manufacturer who produces around 3 percent is the government. The money a bank earns by this interest is used in providing loans and hence money automatically puts all of us in some kind of debt. We are all somewhere paying the interest money to the bank for manufacturing money. And this very well justifies the fact that the richest people in the world comprise only two to three percent of the world population. But did you know that there are certain communities that are making money not for the banks to profit but for the people or community at large? There is a certain community in India who makes their own currency and they are thriving within the community they reside in. Why we don’t know this? This is because over the years, the media had talked about issues related to money from a very urbanized perspective and this perspective settled in most of us.

Addressing the Money Myth

The current situation of the unequal possession of money is one of the most destructive concepts existing because there is a recurrent need for money production which also has severe environmental threats. We are clearing the natural environment for more urbanization. Why? Because the banks need more lands to give people loans, the money which basically comes from the interest they charge for manufacturing money.  In simple terms this system is leading us to an inevitable destruction – a situation of monetary crash. Have we ever given a thought how a piece of paper is given so much importance? The worth of money is the real delusion that is created over the years. Each and every media talked about the “Financial Crisis” but none talked about the monetary reforms.  It is due to this reason that today there are several communities and companies manufacturing their own money- circulating them within a closed group. Even globally transactions are taking place without money but through exchange of commodities- something which indicates a journey backwards.

Due to the presence of economically independent media and social media, there is a huge scope between economic reformists and those championing monetary reforms to talk among themselves and let the world realize about the myth that the concept of money produces, to break free from it and stop the journey towards a delayed monetary crash.