Millennials do not worry about balancing work and personal life because to them life is all-encompassing. They want a healthy, fulfilling work-life blend, where the professional and the personal harmonize and coalesce into a complete whole.

They are blurring the lines between personal and work time. They are willing to accept lower money in exchange for flexibility of work timing. Health and relationships are taking precedence over careers in many cases. They will work late at night so that they can spend time with their loved ones when they so desire. They try and arrange work schedules to fit into their lifestyles rather than the other way around – quite unlike the older generation.

New and upcoming life-blood

Millennials are a very critical part of the world’s work force today and with the coming years, their share in it is going to keep rising. They are the new and upcoming life-blood of the working environment and thus it is necessary to understand their beliefs and values.

This generation wants to inhabit a world where they are given an opportunity to choose, discover and live with no restrictions imposed on them. They do not wish to be restrained, confined or tied down to particular processes or systems or environments. They want to be assured that they have the option and the space to explore, find, dream and rise to whatever heights they desire.

Thirst for knowledge and learning

Millennials have a thirst for knowledge and learning. They want to know and experience on a continuous basis so they constantly improve their work and their lifestyle. They do not believe in compromising either. The ease of acquiring knowledge through digital means has made this journey easier for them. And they learn from the experience of others – they do not believe in re-inventing the wheel.

Millennials believe in having and enjoying a life – a full life that includes business, hobbies, pastimes, passions, interests along with family and friends.

At the workplace they look forward to getting away for a few minutes to recharge their batteries or occasions to interact informally with colleagues. They like the opportunity to relax between work with a game of scrabble or cards or with a cup of coffee.

Personal time is important to them

They don’t mind working at home. And they can effortlessly move between personal time and business/work time. They take vacations when they feel they have earned it. To them, personal time is as important and relevant as work responsibilities and they realize that a break from work to relax and unwind and enjoy increases their efficiency and productivity at work.

Millennials work towards quality results. They place a premium on high quality and do not like their performance to be measured in terms of hours worked. They need to be encouraged to work on flexible time schedules that maximize their productivity and output while keeping in mind the importance of their personal life. They place a high value on the quality of their interactions whether at the workplace or outside it. They have a different perspective on life – give them the opportunity to merge their work and life more easily and you will find a happier work force heading the company towards greater success.