We complicate our lives more than we should


We go through life thinking it is difficult, it is a struggle, a battle that we have to fight in order to win and be happy. It’s not that life is a bowl of cherries, there are good phases and bad phases, easy phases and difficult phases – but usually we complicate our lives more than we should, we create problems that were not there and then we feel unhappy and upset and frustrated because things have gotten out of hand.

Life is not all that difficult if we go about it the right way – it’s dealing with ourselves, our expectations, our enormous wants and desires, our greed and our hankering for unnecessary things that is the problem, that is the toughest part of life.

Fears, doubts, insecurities, attachments

This is true of all aspects of our being. Our fears, doubts, insecurities, attachments, and resistance make things difficult, not the things themselves.  Whether it’s our jobs, relationships, goals, physical health, finances, or anything else that’s important to us – regardless of the specific circumstances we’re facing, if we make peace with ourselves and everything around us, life tends to flow with more ease, joy, and grace.  When we’re not at peace with ourselves or life, we suffer – we find that life is difficult.

It is all a question of attitude and perspective – the choice to have an easy and fun life is yours. If you think life is easy, it usually is. If we can temper our desires and seek simple pleasures, then happiness comes to us unbidden.

Four basic needs in life

We have four basic needs in life – food, house, clothes, inexpensive and accessible medicines for all. If these are taken care of we can lead a joyful existence. Modern education and city life teaches us to destroy nature and put up concrete structures, use chemicals, chase money, acquire bad habits, which harm and pollute people and the surroundings.

We work like crazy and yet don’t have enough money to buy our dream house. We get into debt trying to live up to other people. We follow fashion and end up wearing clothes that are too expensive and outdated by the time we get them. We fall ill because of an unhealthy lifestyle which necessitates heavy medication which in themselves cause bigger health issues. A simple life gives us an easy and happy life – free from stress and tension.

Simplicity is the key to a good life

Simplicity is the key to a good life. Connect with people, build relationships with people and with nature, have compassion and empathy for others, accept what you get with humility and love. If we free our mind of fear, hate, antipathy, if we learn not to chase money and material things, if we take ownership for our actions, if we forgive those who wrong us, then we open our hearts and life to love and peace and happiness. It is our choice – we can choose a simple life full of goodness or continue with the tough complicated life we have now which may or may not give us the happiness we crave.