What Kakorrhapiophobia – or the fear of failing and looking bad – does to you!


Picture the most quintessential scenarios in your head. Your parents think you have no future ahead, after seeing your poor result and the red stains on your report card reflect that your future which is, well, not-so-bright.

Your friends are giving up on you because you don’t seem to be of much worth thanks to the times you were trusted to take the winning shots and you missed ALL of them. You’re leaving for work, late as usual, stressed about the presentation you’re under-prepared for, or you’re at a client’s office and they seem to be totally unimpressed by you and all you can think of now is your boss doing the Shiv-Tandav or you’re not on talking terms with your spouse and their distant family member comes over to stay at your place for a couple of days.

In short just imagine the most aggravating situations where you wanted to strangle yourself to death but were forced to breathe against your will. Are we there yet?  Perfect, now let’s show them the finger and take a deep breath with will.

People suffering from Kakorrhapiophobia

More often than not people suffering from Kakorrhapiophobia are not even aware of the existence of such an obnoxious word.  The Second Book of Weird and Wondrous Words by Superior Person’s defines kakorrhapiophobia as the fear of failure. While many of us may not be having it as a permanent condition, we certainly have feared that we would fail in some endeavour at some points in our lives.

Like mentioned earlier, for some of us it might be the fear of performing in front of others, for the rest it might be the monotony of jobs that makes us lose heart. Haven’t we all been in these seemingly helpless states, once in our lives?

Just accept and take an oath

To overcome this feeling of fear, just accept and take an oath that you’re definitely failing. Whatever it is, you’re going to fail at it. Accept it. Accept the fact that you’re going to fail because you WANT to KNOW what it feels like to fail. Strive for the taste. Acceptance is Key. On failing, you will most likely be hurt and disappointed with life. Don’t just let this feeling of losing take the better of you.

They say success is vital. I say failure is twice as important and crucial. Remember how you feel void and directionless in times like these? When you want to just give up and surrender? Just think of why you came for this, in the first place. It is important to establish an integral relationship with failure before anything else.

Indirectly evolved from failure

Modern Science is based on the principle that everything we do in life is indirectly evolved from failure. Scientists conduct experiments to KNOW the consequence. What is going to happen is beyond our control. They believe that the outcome of the experiment is a lesson that teaches us what NOT to do the next time. This is what needs to be remembered.

The word failure is coined wrongly and people have developed wrong misconceptions about it. I think failures are rare and only fortunate people get to savour it. The smart ones treasure these experiences and use it for their own good. I think it’s high time we long for failures. It is part of the journey and deserves its true importance.

Take a long time to process

It may not happen right away.  Sometimes failures take a long time to process. But when the time comes, we eventually find the opportunity to share our story. When we actually do, we share it with honesty and humility. Through it, we discover prospects to provide strength, hope and encouragement to others. We start finding influence for good. And it is then that we begin to make sense of our failings, so go for the kill. Be like a scientist. Experiment and embrace the upshots. They’re all lessons disguised as failure. They’re all clues to achieve your purpose.

..cause if you never try you’ll never know, just what you’re worth!