Money, in today’s world is considered to be a reward for a job well done. And no, I’m not talking about primary school where you get a gold star for completing homework. I’m talking about the business and financial world. Or any situation where you’re old enough to work. Because come on, millennials in this day and age equate work with money.

The world is made up of two very different kinds of people. The first kind toils away for hours, pouring blood and sweat into their job. The ones we don’t notice, the salt-of- the- earth kind where effort and working hours translate into their paycheck. The other kind consists of fairly well educated people, the ‘street smart’, the ones with the head for knowing what exactly people want and the best way to use it to their advantage.

Bottom line is, what a person earns is his money, fair and square. It doesn’t matter what his or her profession is.

Often, criticism arises about how it’s easier for smart people to earn money than others who need exert themselves to earn their livelihood. Buddy, if you’re complaining about your job and how unfair life is in general, then you’re among the likes of millions of other people who complain at work all day and then go out for drinks to complain (even more) about work.  Everyone has their bad days (or years) at work.

Yes, money is everything

In this day and age, money is considered to be everything. It is an indication of one’s status in life and is often seen as a result of the success the individual has achieved in life. Simplistically put, it is measured as the outcome of the effort the person has gone through to achieve the bank balance he has on hand. Given this largely prevailing social perception, it is only fair to conclude that money, whether it is achieved through sheer physical effort or due to smart, intelligent cerebral capabilities is the same.

Hard earned money doesn’t literally translate to people earning their wages because of manual labor.

A straight ‘A’, Harvard Law student earning his pay check is just as worthy of his money. Their back-story might be filled with struggles, all nighters and student loans to climb up the ladder of success. What if that particular student really struggled with his/her theory classes? What if he/she worked really hard to be the best?

On the other hand, imagine a daily wage worker. He puts his sweat and energy into his physical work. And the motivation for his hard work may be due to the fact that he needs to support his family and out his children through good universities. Just to ensure that his future family must have a better life than he does.

In both the above scenarios, both persons A and B work equally hard. It’s just the one fact, that one person’s hard work is visible while the other isn’t. At the end of the day, the satisfaction that both persons achieve, when they get their pay checks is immense. Because only they know the struggles they’ve gone through to earn that amount of cash.

The amount of effort put in by both parties are the same and just different by forms; one being a physical effort and the other a cerebral effort.  Cerebral effort is equal to physical effort, if not more prominent, as it requires emotional effort to support its way of thinking.

Money is money

So, either way, money is money. Hard earned is just a euphemism. It is important to know the back-story. Physical effort is much more clearly visible while cerebral effort is much more covertly visible.