Although this is not a very common phenomenon, but I am sure some of you if not all must have surely experienced this. You sit down to write something, but as soon as you pick up your pen, you are at a loss to understand what exactly you are contemplating to write about. This is also popularly also known as ‘Writer’s block’. So before you get all nervous and anxious and start feeling guilty about what your next written work is going to be all about, there are some useful pointers which you consider as your next topic.

A good way to write about something is to always think and get a feel of what is the latest ‘in’ thing in the market, identify that and if that is something which interests you too, bang on! You have got your next topic to write about!

Things which people want to learn

Another way to get useful ideas to write about is to talk to people and find out if there is something which they want to learn online. If you just google ‘how to..’, you will get a big list of different and interesting things which people want to learn. So you may think of something which you know and which you would like to share with your readers so that they also learn that skill from you.

In today’s competitive world, everybody is in a rat race to outdo their respective competitors. So why should you lag behind? Take a look at your competitor’s work, there must be something which will interest you and which you may think of taking up as your next piece.

Sequel, review and your own story

If you have read some post which interested you, you may start thinking on those lines and give your readers the part -2 version of such work. The best part about writing a sequel is that if the first part was a success, then you can just bank on that success and make your work equally or more successful!

Something similar on those lines is a review about a book. It can be a bestseller which you must have read and liked or some work about which you wanted to bring some points to the attention of the readers. Trust me,  this is another very good option to write about! Else if you have come across some important theory which a scholar has penned down, you may think of contributing to such a story by providing your own inputs.

Readers are always keen on reading about other people’s stories, whether successful or not. They are particularly interested in reading about other peoples’ failures and you can provide them something on those lines. Your work can either be of amusement to people or may also provide them some important life lessons!

Take an interview

Last but certainly not the least; why not take an interview of some significant personality? Need not be a celebrity or a superstar, but any person who you feel has a story to tell and which will be of great use to the readers! One small tip while taking an interview is to get a good background research done about that person as that will help you to ask the right kind of questions especially from the readers’ point of view.

After reading all these points, it should not be hard for you to zero in on what you will be writing next, right? All you have to do is to decide what you want to write and your work will take care of the rest!