The concept of co-working and shared workspaces has been gaining rapid grounds in recent years – among entrepreneurs, start-ups, small businesses, freelancers et al. Co-working is basically a style of working where the work space or work environment is shared but the activities of each coworker is independent, that is, it is an office sharing arrangement where the co-working space is generally shared by individuals from different organizations and professions.

Brings a lot of advantages

Sharing office space brings a lot of advantages to those who are co-working. To begin with, it is easy on the pocket. Establishing and furnishing an office is an expensive endeavor. Shared offices free you from this task, both financially and administratively, by taking care of overheads and infrastructure.

Basic facilities like office set up, furniture, WiFi accessibility, printing, phone services, reception service, technical support as also other support staff, maintenance and upkeep etc are taken care of by the owner or manager – leaving you to concentrate on your business. Shared office spaces provide a professional and aesthetic business environment to conduct meetings or presentations or a sales pitch.

Excellent way of networking

Co-working is an excellent way of networking and collaborating. Interacting with so many other professionals creates opportunities to learn from one another, share ideas, collaborate on work and provide necessary services to one another. It brings about an increase in creativity, innovation and productivity and accelerates progress. Sharing a roof with a diverse group of intelligent, committed, professionals with varied perspectives, skills and talent is a major bonus, especially to those just starting out on their careers.

Working with and getting to know one’s co-working partners has benefits at the personal level too – it encourages socializing and having people to talk to whether at work or when you want a cup of coffee or a break from work. Were you to work alone, either at home or at a coffee shop, you would not have the company of people nor would you be able to expand your professional contacts via networking. Coworking helps form friendships and professional associates, both of which are essential to us.

Many co-working spaces provide for perks like coffee, tea, snacks, meal, gyms, etc as also 24 hour accessibility thus allowing people to work at hours convenient to them rather than at fixed office timings. It allows people to work when they are at their productive best.

Ensuring your peace of mind

Shared office spaces provide security for all those housed on their premises thus ensuring your peace of mind. They allow you the freedom to choose the package that suits you best – a temporary or short term lease or permanent offices. Shared offices are designed to meet the requirements of modern business while keeping costs low and minimizing extraneous work on your side. Coworking and shared workspace is becoming a viable option for professionals and is a better option that working from home or from a coffee shop around the corner.  If you are a new entrepreneur or a freelancer then you should consider the option of working out of a shared office rather than setting up your own office (think ofall the expense and hassle !) or working out of your home where many of the necessary support may be lacking or where you are likely to be distracted by the demands of the family. In this age of professional fluidity and a fast changing work environment, coworking and shared workspaces seem to be the way to go.