We enjoy success because we have been through failure and pain


It seems odd to say that we have to face frustration and failure in order to taste success and enjoy life, but fact is that it is true – very, very true.

In our society there is a premium on success. So we are all competing to come up with the best of everything – products, services, ideas, techniques, strategies, solutions, etc. When we succeed we are applauded, we earn respect and admiration. When we fail, the world looks away – nobody wants to associate with failures. When we do not succeed, we feel frustrated, upset, despondent and we often think of giving up.

But I have come to realize that it is this frustration, this failure that has spurred me to go on and achieve something that earlier I did not even think was possible.

Successes are preceded by failure

If you think carefully, you will realize that most successes – yours or other peoples’ – have usually been preceded by failure. It is only when you fail that you figure out where you have gone wrong. Your mistakes point you in the right direction. So it is only when you embrace failure and accept it that you can correct your actions and head towards success.

Your most creative ideas, your miraculous brainwave happens only when you are totally in the doldrums- when nothing is working and you are so frustrated that you are on the verge of giving up. That is when the next big idea strikes you, because you know that if you don’t come up with something great, you cannot go any further. Your misery paves the way for future happiness.

Failures lay the foundation for future success

We know that success brings happiness, it creates a feeling of joy and it gives us a lot of the things that we aspire to. But we enjoy all these things only because we have been through failure, pain and frustration which make us appreciate the good things even more. It is our failures which lay the foundation for future success and the resulting happiness and joy.

Success does not happen overnight. You need a tremendous amount of patience, resilience, courage, commitment and passion to see things to the finishing line and beyond. But hold on, do not give up. Take risks, take failures in your stride. If you don’t, then later in life, you will regret not having taken the chance far more than you will regret any of your failures.

Constantly being tested by life

My experience leads me to believe that we are constantly being tested by life, by God for our commitment, our beliefs, our passions. If we have dedication and commitment to what we are doing, success will come to us, in some form or the other. But we have to be consistent, we have to persevere and we have to keep trying and believing. We have to believe in ourselves. As a wise man said, “When it’s time to take action, remember that it’s always better to be at the bottom of the ladder you want to climb than at the top of the one you don’t.”

Your future is in your hand. Live in the present. The past cannot be changed, it is over. Do not regret it. Use it to create a full, joyous life in the future.