Half the battle is won by getting out of your comfort zone


In order to be successful in life all that you need to do is come out of your comfort zone. Half the battle is won by this method.

Human beings are enamored of success. They want to live their dream, do well and lead a happy, fulfilling life. But very few realize that for this to happen they have to step out of their comfortable little corners, take risks, challenge themselves and welcome discomfort and struggle before they can succeed.

Scared of failure, disapproval, rejection

People are scared to venture out of their comfort zone primarily because they are scared of failure, disapproval, rejection and discomfort. They are fearful of impending obstacles. But becoming uncomfortable is the first step towards achieving something.

Pushing yourself beyond your limits even when you are nervous and terrified can bring enormous satisfaction once you cross the line. It is only by doing the impossible, the unachievable that you truly figure out what your capabilities are.

Not reach heights of ecstasy and success

If you sit in your cage being content and comfortable, you will probably not know discomfort but you will also not know the extent of what you can achieve nor will you reach the heights of ecstasy and success. If you do what you have always done, you will get what you always did. There is no excitement, no thrill – just passive acceptance and immobility.

When you try something new, when you take on something risky, when you do something that could be dangerous, you grow because you are willing to step out of your circle of comfort and face the ordeals in the real world, with courage, conviction and passion. Even if you fail, you would have learnt something new – how not to do something and this will help in your journey through life.

Once you step out of your position of safety and let go your security blanket, you know how much you can take on. Once you overcome the first hurdle, you know you can attempt the next one, which could be bigger and more challenging.

Go beyond your “comfort” boundaries

Thus every time you go beyond your “comfort” boundaries, you extend your area of action, you learn to take bigger risks, you learn to face even more daunting tasks and you know that this will help you grow and become stronger.

Achieving the near impossible is rewarding and fulfilling. The comfort zone is an artificial mental boundary that gives you a sense of security because all things are familiar, standard, what you are used to. There is no challenge, no big adventure round the corner. It is staid, placid, calm and relaxing. So there is no attempt to pursue bigger dreams, accepting the mediocre becomes the norm. But pushing boundaries makes your life more exhilarating, it increases creativity as you look for new solutions, it teaches you to deal with even more difficult situations and it sets you up to question and change and head towards success. Start with small steps, they will soon lead to massive jumps to the top.