Take care of your employees and let the employees take care of the organization


Employees are the true assets of an organization and there are no two ways about it. Although recent studies have directed us to possibilities of robots replacing employees by being equally capable of working in an organization, practically speaking, this is slightly hypothetical.

This is because, robots will lack the human touch which is equally important while working in an organization. This post will help provide you with an insight on how employees or human force are the biggest asset for any organization and how such employees need to be preserved and kept motivated so that the organization subsequently benefits from their talent and capability.

Understanding the structure of an organization

Every organization has a head or a leadership team which directs and guides the organization in taking all the appropriate decisions for and on behalf of the company. What happens when this top level senior executive retires or leaves the organization for some reason or the other? More often than not, they get replaced with another set of senior executives who then take their place and carry on the responsibility of decision making.

As a standard procedure, employees who fill in for those who leave are usually poached from competitor companies luring them with attractive pay package and other facilities. This is typically also known as external hiring which more often than not, smaller companies engage in. This is mainly because if the organization is still in its formative years then the employees there also will be relatively fresh and inexperienced to take such major policy decisions.

On the other hand, if the organization is a well known name or has got out of its initial formative years, then there are high probabilities that they may have persons within the organization who have the skill as well as the capability of taking up a role as part of the senior management of the company. This is typically known in the business world as internal hiring.

What’s the best alternative?

Very often organizations ponder over this question, not once or twice but almost every single time when any of its senior executives leaves the company for good. Although external hiring as well as internal hiring are fine, but there may also come a time when the organization may not get the kind of personnel which they may be looking for. Hence, in order to avoid such a possibility from taking shape, it is advisable that the company starts engaging in internal hiring on a bigger scale.

In order that the organization finds its next best personnel, key managers can start their search within their respective teams of which candidate exhibits the highest number of suitable qualities of being the next in line for the leadership team. Identify such candidates and from the very beginning, organize and conduct seminars, workshops and such other skill development programs which will help the employees pick up few added qualities and attributes of leaders which will take them a long way.

More and more companies are opting for such practices in order to avoid the possibility of running the organization in the absence of a head. Hope that in the next few more years, each and every organization, no matter how small or big it may be also adopts these practices in order to be all the more self reliant.